fbpx Mobile Document Imaging Solution for Transportation Companies

Mobile Document Imaging Solution for Transportation Companies: SHIPS Go!

Mobile Document Imaging Solution for Transportation:
Respond to Shipper Demands, Attract and Retain Drivers

Mobile Document Imaging Solution for TransportationOur mobile document imaging solution SHIPS Go! combines EBE's standard mobile capture solution (SHIPS Mobile Standard) with the SHIPS document imaging solution to allow drivers to capture and submit trip documents at the point of delivery using the driver's mobile device. Once submitted, trip documents enter specific automated workflow queues that allow for greater accountability and process management. This system offers your organization a cost-effective solution to provide unmatched turnaround times for required customer documents, allowing you to manage the billing and settlement process more quickly and efficiently.

Optimized for smaller truckload carrier fleets, SHIPS Go! significantly reduces the billing cycle by improving the invoicing and settlement process while positively impacting customer service through improved access to trip documents. The easy-to-use mobile application allows drivers to submit trip documents more quickly, resulting in the ability to pay them more quickly, improving driver satisfaction and retention.

Mobile Document Imaging Solution Highlights:

SHIPS Go! provides the combination of mobile capture, document imaging and rendition printing in one easy-to-use mobile application.

  • Provide high-quality document images immediately after delivery.
  • Optimize document images for reduced file size to minimize data plan impact.
  • Capture multiple batch types, including: trip documents, accident photos, safety and compliance documents, and vehicle inspections.
  • Provide order number and document types with minimal effort.
  • Improve driver recruiting and retention through the convenience of mobility.
  • Provide document access to your shippers with the optional internet POD lookup.
  • Automates the invoicing process by automatically gathering all the documents needed to invoice your client by bill-to code.

The Solution That Grows with You

As your business needs evolve, SHIPS Go! can be easily upgraded to an enterprise version to further improve productivity within each department in your company. SHIPS Go! gives you the features you need at the value you deserve.

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