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Mobile Capture Solution for Transportation

Standard SHIPS Mobile Solution: Capture and Receive Your Shippers' Documents in Real Time

Standard Connect Mobile CaptureSHIPS Mobile Standard allows your fleet to provide unmatched turnaround times for required customer documents. Shippers are putting demands on carriers to provide visibility and access to delivery documents within unprecedented time frames as a requirement to move their freight.

With SHIPS Mobile Standard, your drivers can capture and submit proof of delivery documents at the point of delivery. This easy-to-use, mobile application, downloaded to the driver's smartphone or tablet, positions you to be competitive in meeting the time-sensitive demands of your customers at a cost-effective price point that will positively impact your bottom line.



Standard Mobile Capture Solution Highlights:
  • Capture Wizard provides the highest quality images.
  • Image optimization for reduced file size to minimize data plan impact.
  • Multiple batch types, including: trip documents, accident photos, safety and compliance documents, and vehicle inspections.
  • Order number and document types with minimal effort.
  • SHIPS Mobile​​​​​​​ Standard online training to improve driver acceptance.
  • Fleet-specific branding.

Upgrade Your Application

As your business needs evolve, SHIPS Mobile​​​​​​​ Standard can be easily upgraded to SHIPS Mobile​​​​​​​ Enterprise. This enhanced version provides more robust functionality to further improve driver and back office productivity, as well as optimizes the information returned to the shipper. Contact us to learn more about SHIPS Mobile​​​​​​​ Enterprise.

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