Annual Safety Review Solution for Transportation Companies

Annual Safety Review Solution for Transportation:
Streamline Your Annual Safety Reviews

Annual Safety Review Stay up to date on all necessary DOT compliance documentation, including drivers' motor vehicle records (MVRs). For carriers who perform the annual driver safety review on the driver's hire date, keeping track of those anniversaries is a challenge. EBE's transportation compliance management system eases that administrative burden and presents only the exceptions for review, increasing employee productivity while ensuring DOT compliance.


Annual Safety Review Solution Highlights:
  • Automatically notifies carriers when a driver's annual safety review is pending.
  • Sends notifications to drivers that a Certificate of Violation (COV) form is ready to be completed in the Driver Portal.
  • Triggers the system to order an MVR for the driver.
  • Compares the MVR and the COV data and enters any out-of-standard documentation into an automated workflow for review.
  • Creates an Annual Safety Review packet that includes the MVR and COV in the same file for easy retrieval in the case of a DOT audit.


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