CSA Management Solution for Transportation Compliance

CSA Management Solution for Transportation Compliance: Designed for Visibility and Flexibility

CSA Management The SHIPS CSA Management tool gives carriers a comprehensive approach to provide the most visibility and flexibility in identifying and acting on at-risk driving behavior while managing company performance to the BASIC percentiles set forth by the FMCSA.

On a daily basis, the system monitors all associated inspections assigned to the carrier and its drivers contained within FMCSA Compass website. This information is imported into EBE's CSA Management Dashboard and then calculates the company and driver measures and percentiles.

This information is used as the basis for EBE's CSA workflow solution which provides visibility to the drivers that have exceeded the maximum thresholds the company determines is most at-risk. Based on the specific behavior or BASIC percentile, workflow can automatically execute the appropriate corrective response such as assigning training, sending violation letters, or adding points to the company's safety scorecard. The driver's CSA scorecard is included in the overall driver profile.

The CSA dashboard combined with the Driver Management CSA Workflow provides carriers with the ability to be proactive in addressing at-risk behavior vs. being reactive to unsafe activities and events.

CSA Management Solution Highlights:
  • Company-specific reporting capability -- by company type, division, manager, etc.
  • Detailed search and sorting functionality
  • Daily downloads of all newly-reported inspections
  • TMS integration to utilize the resulting information with carrier's existing systems
  • Driver validation to insure accuracy of inspections assigned to the carrier
  • Workflow integration capability to automate response to identified behavior


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