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CSA Dashboard Provides Near Real-Time Driver Scoring Which Leads to Proactive Safety, Training and Compliance

Stevens Transport is a 2,500-employee refrigerated carrier headquartered in Dallas with more than 2500 trucks and 3,000 trailers. Its customers include many Fortune 500 food-product makers. The company prides itself on taking a proactive, responsive approach to maintaining a safe, efficient fleet.


With new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations set to take effect in 2010 (CSA) and companies concerned that drivers would be disqualified by safety violations, Stevens Transport needed a way to better manage driver and fleet-safety data. Eager to get ahead of the curve, the company wanted to be able to determine in advance whether it was compliant with the new safety standards and determine which drivers and areas of its operations needed attention. Just as important for a company that prides itself on safety, Stevens Transport wanted a system that would support efforts to maintain compliance after the rules were implemented.



Stevens Transport purchased EBE’s CSA Dashboard to target and manage driver behavior. With the Web-based system, Stevens Transport knew even before the FMCSA launched CSA that its company and drivers were in compliance. EBE’s CSA Dashboard’s ability to continuously track violations as they were reported to the Department of Transportation allows Stevens Transport to take a proactive approach to the information, which is updated daily – a big improvement over the previous Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration compilations, which rated carriers for safety, but provided little information about individual drivers.


EBE’s CSA Dashboard created an efficient system for managing data about driver and fleet safety violations in near real-time. The CSA Dashboard allows Stevens the ability to quickly identify drivers that are above thresholds in any BASIC category as well as search for violations and inspections by violation code, driver, VIN # or state. With the data, Stevens Transport can better monitor drivers and respond to any safety concerns.

Immediate access to information about violations facilitates safety
Stevens Transport is focused on safety. Before CSA regulations were initiated, the company was already focused on driver training and safety. Each driver is required to complete an extensive training program before he starts driving for Stevens Transport and this training is continuous throughout his employment. With access to daily updates on driver violations, Stevens Transport has been able to identify the training needs of its individual drivers. Training can be tailored to the needs of the drivers and equipment concerns can be abated immediately.

CSA Dashboard is a powerful educational tool
Updating data continuously led to a more proactive approach to address driver and fleet safety. Even the best drivers do not always communicate accidents, violations or inspections. With the CSA Dashboard’s continuous data update, Stevens is able to have the most up-to-date safety information on each driver. This helps resolve concerns before serious driver remediation is ever at stake. With a preventative, proactive approach guided by data, Stevens Transport’s drivers have consistently maintained compliance with CSA regulations. This is a driver-educational tool to maintain safe driver behavior.
Real-time access to safety-data information provides better assurance of compliance
With data to monitor drivers and address vehicle-safety issues, Stevens Transport has adopted a model of continuous improvement. When it comes to safety, mere compliance is not enough. When CSA started, Stevens Transport scores were well within the threshold to maintain safety compliance, and the company continues to improve those scores. The CSA Dashboard has been used internally as a training tool. With accurate, updated data, Stevens Transport training managers are able to immediately assess the safety score of any driver. Drivers meet with their managers and determine how they have scored and what they can do to improve their CSA scores as well as improve their overall approach to safety. Whether a maintenance or safety-compliance issue, or driving violation, the issue is presented by the CSA Dashboard with objective data that can be used to improve safety ratings and overall safety compliance.

Stevens Transport


New CSA regulations were about to be implemented and Stevens Transport wanted a solution that would help them monitor driver behavior in near real-time.


EBE's CSA dashboard extracts data from the FMCSA Compass Portal and provides daily visibility to company and driver BASIC scores in near real-time.


Stevens Transport is able to know, in advance, the CSA scores and ratings of each driver in its fleet and can proactively remedy any problems in advance

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