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Transportation companies are always looking for ways to improve operating efficiencies and one of the first areas typically targeted is the back office. SHIPS accounting software applications integrate with your current accounting and dispatching systems including Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains), MAS 200-500, Legacy, and other leading accounting and dispatch software providers. For a more comprehensive list of integration capabilities please visit our Software Integration Capabilities page. 

SHIPS trucking management software solutions integrate content from intermediaries, shippers, dispatch, and accounting systems to eliminate gaps between these disparate systems. By doing so, visibility and comprehensive reporting is available to improve the processing of pre-dispatched orders, post-dispatch delivery data, initial invoicing, short pay, collections, purchase orders, and accounts payable. 

Key Benefits

  • Reduce costs and improve operational efficiency by ensuring consistent execution of standardized processes
  • Improve cash flow by eliminating delays in billing
  • Reduce aged accounts through real-time monitoring
  • Increase customer and driver satisfaction 
  • Avoid costly errors by sending real-time alerts to key personnel regarding exceptions or out-of-standard events
  • Increase employee productivity by managing "non-standard" transactions only
  • Mitigate risk with easy access to historic documents and records
  • Improve accountability through the tracking and management of daily activities


To learn more about these back office solutions and how they have helped our customers, view our Customer Success Stories page.

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