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Freight Bill LifeCycle

Freight Bill LifeCycle graphic

When shipment paperwork is received, it enters into the Freight Bill LifeCycle workflows. Associated workflows can be implemented as a point solution or inclusive to manage the freight bill through its lifecycle. 

The Freight Bill LifeCycle begins at the point of capture of the shipment paperwork and manages the freight bill to the point of cash application and all steps in between. By utilizing a single integrated freight bill management solution, EBE’s clients realize the benefits of a single point of entry into any module that populates data across additional modules, saving both time and improving data integrity.

By utilizing Automated Decision Support functionality, SHIPS trucking management software enables carriers to staff each department to manage transaction exception levels, not 100 percent of the transactions. This process lowers operating costs and increases cycle time, allowing carriers to manage the information to make decisions more quickly with better data.

In addition, scorecards are created that provide insight to shippers' paying habits that allow changes in the Freight Bill LifeCycle function to improve DSO.

Key Benefits

  • Improve the accuracy of billing by electronically managing shipper contracts
  • Identify short or over-pay transactions more quickly 
  • Reduce DSO by presenting and addressing discrepancies automatically 
  • Increase visibility and management of shippers' payment history and trends through KPI Scorecards
  • Reduce the time to re-bill invoices including supporting documents

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