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Total Visibility, Accountability, and Control over the Purchasing and Invoice Payment Processes Leads to Improved Cash Management and Reduced Costs 

Drawing on 25 years of imaging, document management, and workflow experience within accounting departments, EBE has developed an accounting software solution that positions companies to implement automated decision support solutions supporting accounting best practices. SHIPS Enterprise Purchasing System executes automated processes that control revenue leaks created by the resolution process, reduce vendor invoicing errors, and eliminate overpaying for purchased items.

Improvements in process visibility have helped carriers experience benefits such as 12% fewer late payments and 71% faster processing time while lowering workflow costs by 82%.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate duplicate payments
  • Reduce revenue leaks associated with inflated vendor invoices  
  • Reduce research and retrieval time
  • Automated notifications alerting missing or incorrect data
  • Web- and mobile-enabled
  • Routed to approver based on responsibility
  • Automatically checks invoice against PO if out-of-standard emails vendor payment on hold
  • Ensures that all payments are subject to payment based on set business rules
  • Productivity reports are generated and sent to supervisor

Studies indicate that companies which do not use a Purchase Order at the beginning of the purchasing process will experience a higher purchase price than negotiated on up to 63% of their purchases (not including added shipping and handling charges). Additionally, it's been found that 60% of wages spent in the Accounts Payable Department are allocated to vendor conflict resolution. 

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