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Load Tender LifeCycle

Load tendering software management solutions | EBE Technologies

EBE provides a comprehensive load tender management solution to help carriers address this complex environment, ensuring the efficient accountability, management, and tracking of load tenders regardless of their originating source. As a complement or alternative to electronic data interchange (EDI), SHIPS Load Tender LifeCycle solutions help carriers accept and manage orders received by fax, email, web-based load boards, or call-ins more efficiently and profitably. 

Today’s fast-paced transportation environment demands that carriers make decisions concerning a load tender long before an order is created in the dispatch system. Considerations such as equipment and driver availability, meeting a pick-up window, service level agreements, and special endorsements enter into the decision. These decisions are made more complicated and labor-intensive when tenders are being received via multiple sources including email, fax, internet load boards, or call-ins. 

Although EDI offers many advantages to carriers, it still remains underutilized in the industry. Some of the largest for-hire carriers receive less than 50% of its tenders electronically, while that number drastically decreases with fleet size. Additionally, environments that are more paper-intensive increase the risk of losing documents and having more customer service failures. In addition, these paper-intensive environments typically don’t have the discipline to provide management KPI statistics such as the number of tenders offered, acceptances, rejections, and reason for rejection. This type of visibility is critical for companies to evaluate overall efficiency and profitability. 

SHIPS trucking management software applications address this complex environment by providing carriers with a positive alternative to EDI and/or manual, paper-based processes. From order receipt through shipment tracking, this solution will improve efficiency and stop revenue leaks caused by lost orders or acceptance of unprofitable load tenders. 

Key Benefits 

  • Consistency in order turn-downs and acceptances
  • More informed decision-making with KPI management reporting
  • Increased dispatcher productivity
  • Reduced website data entry
  • Elimination of lost paper documents through in-cab scanning
  • Automated load status updates
  • Improved detention claims process
  • Improved carrier relations with more timely and accurate data
  • Increased profitability

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