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Universal Truckload Services Success Story

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Universal Truckload Services Streamlines Document Management, Stabilizes Operations, and Increases Efficiency With EBE Solutions

Headquartered in Warren, Michigan, Universal Truckload Services is a non-asset-based, publicly traded transportation services company that provides rail-truck and steamship-truck intermodal support, and dry van and flatbed OTR operations to shippers throughout the United States and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Working with both private sector and government customers, Universal Truckload Services utilizes a network of agents and independent contractors, as well as a fleet of over 3000 trucks from partner carriers, to handle any transportation project from development to completion. Additionally, Universal Truckload Services owns a small fleet of 100 trucks.


Universal Truckload Services had already adopted a document imaging and workflow package, but found that its instability, unreliability, and poor customer support made it unacceptable for their needs. Partnerships with contractors and agents are the basis of their transportation and logistic solutions; as such, reliable communication and quick electronic access between the home office, agents and carriers is absolutely essential.


Universal Truckload Services selected the EBE SHIPS Financials solution for their paperless office and workflow requirements. Universal Truckload Services' large-scale, diverse operations rely on a smoothly-running back office and EBE SHIPS workflow solutions to make this happen. By integrating scanned documents and other content, and allowing instant access via the centralized server, the office works more efficiently.


One significant outcome is the peace of mind associated with using a stable, reliable platform. Instead of worrying about an imminent system crash, Universal Truckload Services knows that EBE SHIPS solutions work, day after day. This proven stability enables confident, accurate billing, invoicing, and inter-office communications.

In addition, EBE solutions support the paperless workflow that comes with effective document management. Managers and dispatchers can effortlessly access manifests, pre- and post-delivery documents, including signature capture, and verify billing information. Streamlining the document management also increased efficiency because instead of forcing the back office staff to chase down paper records, they are now able to concentrate on maintaining excellent customer service, opening the door for growth and expansion without hiring additional staff.

With a company the size of Universal Truckload Services, software introduction often takes time. EBE SHIPS solutions allow gradual implementation by offering numerous modules, seamless integration, and top-notch technical and customer support. With the Financial software up and running smoothly, Universal Truckload Services then immediately moved to implement SHIPS recruiting software where they are achieving significant gains in recruiting and processing efficiencies. Next on Universal Truckload Services' agenda is to complete the implementation of SHIPS Logistics Management solution where they expect to improve the speed and efficiencies associated with managing their logistics network.

Streamlined document management means less time searching for paperwork
With EBE SHIPs Financials – every document is indexed in a system and easily available. Whether a bill of lading, in-transit receipts or electronic signatures…everything is available without having to leave a work station to search through a manual filing system. That saves time and money. In addition, SHIPS workflows have the intelligence to make decisions concerning transactions and provide visibility to out of standard items.

Stable IT operations keeps the system up and running 24/7
The worst thing that can happen to any information system is an operational failure. With EBE SHIPS Financials, the solution is designed to maintain operational integrity and continuity. It is both scalable and compatible with complementary hardware and software within an IT ecosystem.
SHIPS Financials helps improve internal operational efficiencies allowing you to do more with less
Ease of operation combined with near real-time information helps empower decision makers, enabling them to make better business decisions. Within the context of company business rules, you will be able to get more operational effectiveness in a shorter period of time with fewer people on your staff. A benefit to both you and your customers.

Universal Truckload Services


Universal Truckload Services had already adopted a document imaging and workflow package, but found that its instability, unreliability, and poor customer support made it unreliable for their needs.


EBE SHIPS Financials Solution was selected for Universal Truckload Services' paperless office and workflow requirements


Peace of mind associated with using a stable, reliable platform

Confident, accurate billing, invoicing, and inter-office communications

Streamlined document management process

Improved speed and efficiencies associated with managing their logistics network

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