Waller Truck Company Success Story



EBE SHIPS Driver Recruiting and CSA Dashboard Speeds Driver Application Processing, Verifies Driver Adherence to CSA Rules, and Decreases Overhead.


Waller Truck Co., Inc. is a family owned and operated dry van truckload carrier of grain, consumer products, and electronics. Corporate Headquarters is located in Excelsior Springs, MO, just 20 minutes outside of Kansas City. Built in 2000, this state-of-the-art facility positions Waller Truck to maintain top-notch customer care while furnishing drivers with a full maintenance shop and many other amenities. Started in 1959 by Jack Waller as an LTL carrier, Waller has grown with the trucking industry for over 50 years. The company believes that automation technology helps keep them ahead of the competition. Smart-Way certified, Waller’s fleet of 220 trucks, 700 trailers and 280 employees proudly provides competitive shipping rates and uncompromising service to the central United States.

Finding the best drivers is always a challenge, but in today’s highly competitive market, an accurate driver profile is an integral component of the hiring process. Waller sought automation solutions to assist their recruiters and safety managers analyze the driver information, and also to aggregate that data into a central source. Prior to working with EBE, Waller compiled all this information manually, wasting time and money on an outmoded and inefficient practice. Additionally, because they are in a period of aggressive growth, any software package must be scalable – able to grow along with them – and fully configurable, matching the processes to Waller’s needs, not forcing Waller to change its requirements to fit the available automation solutions.



EBE solutions, designed specifically for the transportation industry, offers fully configurable solutions, and provides the strong service and support essential for effortless integration and upgrades. Waller chose two EBE solutions to help them achieve their goals: SHIPS Driver Recruiting and CSA Dashboard.

SHIPS Driver Recruiting solution software has completely automated the process from initial driver application through “onboarding” orientation. The driver’s data is stored in an electronic file that automatically requests background information and follows up to verify that the file is complete before interviewing and employment. The recruiter saves time because the driver inputs his application information through a web-based portal. The system automatically scores the driver against Waller’s qualification criteria to determine the quality of the applicant. All applications are color coded based on the defined criteria and presented to the recruiters for quick visibility. Instead of reviewing each and every application manually looking for qualified applicants, the system provides this function, significantly improving the speed and efficiency of the hiring process.

Waller also implemented EBE’s On-Demand Orientation application which allows drivers to complete online orientation documents via a web portal. Information is pre-populated with driver information and is then exported to the appropriate systems upon submission. The solution has decreased the driver input time of these documents from 4 hours to one hour. Additionally, the system has eliminated the need for scanning and re-keying data from paper based documents, which previously included 23 pages paper per person.

CSA Dashboard allows the company to look for safety patterns in their existing driver population and verify compliance with the CSA 2010 regulations. Since the information is compiled into a central database, it is easy to access and analyze. The software allows the company to continuously monitor and review the safety record and BASIC scores of every driver, allowing managers to assess drivers based on data rather than subjective criteria. The real time visibility to driver performance data and the continuous monitoring for out of standard behavior enables the safety department to effectively anticipate driver needs and has improved overall safety for the company.


After implementation, Waller realized dramatic improvement in overhead. The recruitment advertising budget dropped by 75%, and they reduced the number of recruiters from three to two. In addition, the increased efficiency and reduction in paperwork associated with the hiring process led to the acquisition of more well-qualified drivers in a much shorter period of time. This automation improved Waller’s overall productivity, helping expansion and growth in the market without the need for additional staff. It also helps the company anticipate the market and respond proactively to changing regulations. Waller was also extremely pleased with EBE’s excellent training and customer support, and is in the process of implementing EBE’s complete safety and compliance and driver performance solutions including a web based driver portal to improve communications and driver retention. 
EBE Helps Simplify & Speeds Recruitment of High Quality Drivers
With EBE Ships Driver Recruiting streamlined process, recruiters are able to get job candidate information more quickly, make preliminary decisions without interviewing, and save valuable recruitment time on prospects with more promise.

Advertising Budget decreased by 75%
With EBE Ships Driver Recruiting system, finding the right job applicant takes less time and requires less recruitment outreach – thereby allowing Waller to reduce its recruitment advertising by 75%. These efficiencies also allowed the company to reduce its recruiting staff from three to two, resulting in additional savings.
On-Demand Orientation Application Eliminates Re-Keying Data
EBE’s Driver Recruiting application process decreased driver input time by 75%, automatically exported data to appropriate systems upon submission and has eliminated the need for scanning and re-keying data from paper based documents.

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