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About EBE Technologies

Company History

EBE TechnologiesFor more than 47 years, EBE has provided business and technology systems to the commercial market.

Joe Kerr founded the company as Electronic Business Equipment (EBE) in 1973. During the initial years, the company evolved from selling word processing systems and calculators, to being a provider of Novell networks.

In the 1990's, EBE developed competencies in document imaging and automated workflow solutions which led to a large client base throughout the Midwest, including many Fortune 1000 companies. The demand to automate repetitive tasks associated with accounts receivable and accounts payable processes, human resources, and customer service led to EBE's expertise in business process management.

In the late 1990's, EBE embarked on the transportation industry as we developed a billing workflow, remote scanning, and rendition printing solution for an LTL client. This was the foundation for the launch and continued development of EBE's SHIPS enterprise business process management solution.

Today, more than 600 transportation companies utilize SHIPS to improve operational efficiencies, deliver superior customer service, and increase profitability. Clients range from the American Trucking Association's Top 100 to carriers and logistics providers with fleets of fewer than 30 trucks.

Through conservative business practices, EBE has remained profitable throughout the course of its history while continuing to reinvest in its people, products, and business partners.

Our Mission

EBE Technologies is dedicated to helping companies improve operational efficiencies, enhance customer satisfaction, and improve profitability by delivering innovative business process management solutions to the transportation and logistics industry.

Our Values

Respect and Recognition - We provide a supportive environment in which employees and customers are respected and recognized for excellence.

Performance - We consistently deliver individual and organizational results to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Competence - We hire and maintain the most qualified people to enhance and support the evolution of our business process solutions.

Customer Satisfaction - Our top priority is to listen and respond to exceed our customers' expectations.

Collaboration - We work as a team to meet our company and our customers' business objectives.

Integrity - We honor our professional and ethical commitments to our customers, employees and business partners.

Flexibility - We continuously adapt and deploy products and services into new solutions for our customers.


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