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Integration Partners

Integration PartnersSHIPS integration and automation capabilities provide many opportunities for transportation companies to extend the value of their existing technology investments. Such integration eliminates repetitive data entry in multiple departments, thus improving data integrity and reducing labor costs.

EBE Technologies has partnered with the industry's leading dispatch, mobile communications, accounting, and other transportation-related software suppliers to help our clients improve efficiency, maximize value, and protect their current technology investment.

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Our integration partners include:


AsurintBoltCarrier LogisticsConversionDATDatatracDriver IQDriverFactsGeotabHireRightOnBaseInfinit-iInstructional TechnologiesISAAC Instruments ISC KentuckyKodakLytxMcLeod SoftwareMercuryGateMicrosoft DynamicsOmnitracs        Platform ScienceRand McNallySamsaraTRANSFLO Now!TrimbleTrinium TechnologiesTrue NorthVigilloZonar

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