Prepare Your Organization for Automated Billing

Automated Billing WorkflowIn any industry, having the ability to bill more quickly and accurately is crucial for success. An automated billing system can help, and your transportation organization can take steps immediately to achieve that goal. Read on for some steps you could take now to reap the benefits of a more streamlined billing process.

Implement a Mobile Capture Solution

A mobile capture solution allows for the capture of trip documents in the field at the point of service. Electronically capturing necessary trip documents is important for streamlining your billing and settlements process, and implementing a mobile capture solution will enable your automated billing process to be more efficient and will improve staff productivity.

Choose Workflow

Implement a true billing workflow that automates the sending of documents to the proper personnel so that they can "work by exception." This allows billers to only work on documents that are ready to bill, ensuring that staff are not wasting time processing transactions with missing or incorrect paperwork – and resulting in a significant improvement in productivity.

Utilize Rendition Printing

Rendition printing functionality allows for the matching and consolidating of all documents required for a bill-to code. This reduces the amount of manual work and errors associated with compiling all of the necessary documents for invoicing, ensuring more timely and accurate billing.

By using automation in your billing and settlements process, your organization can see significant ROI in staff productivity. In some cases, by implementing such a solution, some organizations have reduced their time to bill from weeks to hours. And when you bill more quickly, you get paid more quickly. Imagine what such a solution can do for your available cash flow!

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