What Drivers Want in a Mobile Capture Solution

Mobile CaptureIs Fear of Disrupting Your Drivers Holding You Back From Adopting Mobile Capture?

There is no question that the transportation industry is and must embrace technology to stay competitive and provide superior customer service. While making an investment in the back office is relatively painless, when it comes to technology investments that impact drivers, some carriers are hesitant to pull the trigger for fear of disrupting a driver's routine. It's obvious that driver satisfaction leads to driver retention, but so does providing the driver with the tools to be successful – tools which, ultimately, make their jobs easier.

Add Value to the Driver Experience with the Right Mobile Capture Solution.

When making the decision to adopt a mobile capture solution for your drivers, you must consider how to convince your drivers to use it. Drivers are no different than the general population in that their appetite for technology can vary drastically. The right mobile capture solution should make the drivers' daily activities easier and more organized so they are more likely to use it. A mobile solution that benefits a driver should include what drivers want:

  • a simple, intuitive point-and-click interface
  • an integrated solution that minimizes data entry
  • visibility to load information
  • alerts for receipt of documents and alerts for missing or late paperwork
  • visibility to settlement status
  • features that help the driver stay compliant
  • tools to ensure ease of capture and image quality
  • ability to provide for driver incentives
  • built-in learning aids for real-time help

Drivers want technology that makes their daily routine easier. As you investigate mobile capture solutions, focus on a platform that is driver-friendly and offers the best opportunity for drivers to embrace it. A truly integrated solution will add value to the driver experience while providing significant ROI for your organization.

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