Covenant Transport Success Story

Covenant Transport Success Story

Covenant Increases Operating Revenues, Drives Down Orientation Costs, and Increases Driver Satisfaction with SHIPS Learning Management System

"With the SHIPS Learning Management System platform we are able to reduce the amount of time drivers spend in orientation by one entire day. This allows them to start driving one day earlier, generating approximately 3,000 days of increased revenue per year and realizing the cost savings associated with the additional travel and lodging expenses. The web-based solution allows us to execute a consistent training program throughout all of our training centers. The platform's ease of use for both management and drivers has been a driving force in the success of the SHIPS Learning Management System at Covenant," said Rob Hatchett, VP Communications and Recruiting, Covenant Transport.

Covenant Transport, founded in 1986 and based in Chattanooga, TN, is a truckload carrier providing services in 48 states, Canada, and Mexico. Its fleet of 1250 trucks and 2300 drivers operates terminals in Hutchins, TX, Pomona, CA, Orlando, FL, and Allentown, PA. Covenant specializes in expedited team freight, offering dry van, refrigerated, and hazardous materials transportation services. Covenant Transport is continually recognized as a leader in innovation and customer service, capable of meeting the ever-changing demands of the freight market.


Covenant Transport offers driver orientation programs at three locations: their corporate headquarters in Chattanooga, Hutchins, and Pomona. Being that training is decentralized, Covenant experienced challenges in control and consistency of driver safety training and driver onboarding. In Chattanooga, the company hires 50 drivers per week, while their remote locations hire on average approximately 10 drivers per week. The remote locations were not receiving the same level of training as those in Chattanooga, using outdated DVDs and delivered content. Chattanooga's training program was also not meeting company expectations. Drivers were spending four days in classroom presentations which oftentimes got disrupted and delayed. Drivers were moved in and out of the training sessions to perform their road tests, physical aptitude tests and drug tests, which meant classes were delayed or drivers missed content presented at that time. The company needed a more consistent driver orientation platform that was simple to administer in ALL locations and more efficiently tracked the drivers' testing history and orientation progress.


Covenant Transport selected SHIPS Learning Management System. EBE's web-based training solution allows Covenant to execute a consistent, well-managed training program across their entire organization -- regardless of where the driver is domiciled. Covenant developed its own customized training programs creating Covenant-specific videos, tests, activities, and more that are accessible to the drivers through a web-based portal. Training personnel are provided with a platform to embed internally-developed and third-party training videos, PowerPoint presentations, web pages, PDFs, randomized tests, and surveys to create personalized training programs based on driver type, experience, location, status, and other determining factors.
A requirement for Covenant was that the system selected must be "simple to use" for both management and drivers. The learning management system exceeded that requirement with its user-intuitive interface for the drivers and its ability for management to easily develop, edit, and maintain content as well as manage driver history. Additionally, with the student history and profile functionality built into the system, documenting the driver orientation progress, tracking, and visibility into the driver’s training history happens automatically. Covenant is able to mitigate their liability by providing the documentation and evidence of the completed courses including the detailed results of every test question, completed videos, and activities mastered.
SHIPS Learning Management System allows Covenant to easily update the content, the courses, modules, tests, and videos in real time based on driver trends, changing business needs or regulations and compliance. The system has improved efficiencies and effectiveness of Covenant’s driver orientation and onboarding process in one integrated and customizable solution.


Cost savings, increased revenues, and increased driver satisfaction through decreased classroom time

Covenant was able to reduce their driver orientation by one full day which resulted in several positive impacts to their bottom line. Covenant gained approximately 3,000 days per year of additional revenue since their drivers were on the road one day earlier. They also experienced a cost savings of nearly $200,000 per year in drivers' travel and lodging expenses. Driver satisfaction was also increased, since drivers were able to start delivering loads one day sooner.

Increased employee productivity

The reduced number of hours needed to train drivers has resulted in increased employee productivity. Operations and safety personnel now have an additional 15 hours per week to focus on their departments, as opposed to time in a classroom conducting training and orientation. Covenant has realized a savings of approximately $30,000 per year due to the reduction of manpower needed for driver orientation.

Standard content ensures consistent, relevant training program

Covenant Transport is now assured that driver orientation content is consistent across all orientation locations. The orientation process has been streamlined to focus on the most up-to-date information, therefore improving the training experience for presenters and drivers. The SHIPS Learning Management System is easy to initiate and administer, and because the drivers can access their training materials anywhere, anytime, they can move through the orientation at their own pace with the coaching and guidance of their instructors and safety personnel.

Increased driver satisfaction through personalized learning experience

Using EBE's Learning Management System, Covenant Transport can create a personalized, relevant training program based on the driver's specific background, experience, status, position type, and more. Offering a more tailored experience allows the driver to spend time on the skills that are relevant to his specific assignment and background. This approach ensures that the driver is not wasting his time on content that he either already knows or isn't pertinent to his job. Training can be executed as either self-paced or instructor-led, so advanced drivers can move through the program while those that need more help can be personally coached by their trainers.


Covenant Transport will continue to look at EBE as a valuable partner for providing driver orientation and driver safety training efficiency. As new requirements and training trends evolve, the learning management system will be used as the foundation to execute best-in-class orientation programs which will ensure Covenant's leadership position in the industry.

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