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DDI Transportation Success Story

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SHIPS Pre-Dispatch Workflow and Web Portal Interface Solution Improves Order Entry Operating Efficiency by 80 Percent

DDI Transportation, an intermodal and truckload carrier, is located in Ashland, Virginia. As with other carriers, DDI relies heavily on load tenders received via fax, emails and orders posted to intermediary Websites. In addition, post delivery update requirements such as order status updates and other required communications to the shippers are conveyed via Websites and emails. DDI uses TMWSuite software to assign and dispatch loads.


DDI's dispatching and customer service groups were experiencing the typical challenges managing orders via emails, faxes and Websites and monitoring and posting status updates. Order and status information coming from so many sources was causing problems such as duplicating efforts, missing the acceptance of orders and assigning loads that were suspended but not updated in the dispatch system. In addition to it generating the potential for losing revenue opportunities, it was causing loads, the  post delivery status updates which in many cases were driven by KPI targets for accuracy and timeliness had become overwhelming. Whether data entry into Websites, providing emails to a specific CSR based on move data or submitting a document into a Web Portal, as move volumes rebounded, so did the man hours needed to respond to shipper's requirements.



DDI engaged EBE to implement SHIPS Pre-Dispatch Workflow solution to address the challenges managing the volume of load tender and post delivery updates. The system accommodates the orders received via fax, email or Web postings. Through forms processing, the application reads and interprets the orders. Then, based on the shipper's business rules, an order is automatically created in DDI's TMWSuite dispatch system. If an order acceptance requires a judgement call by a dispatcher, the responsible dispatcher receives a workflow alert to accept or reject the move. An image of the order is then saved within SHIPS workflow process.
If a load acceptance confirmation is required, SHIPS Pre-Dispatch workflow creates the document containing the data which the shipper requires and sends it to the shippers via its preferred contact method - fax, email or updates the shipper's Website. The integration with TMWSuite allows SHIPS to compare updated load tender information with a specific load number residing in the dispatch system. Any deviation such as pick-up or delivery times, weight or stop codes are then sent to the appropriate dispatcher for confirmation.
DDI interfaces with many shippers via Web portals for both pre and post dispatch communications. Each portal contains business rules associated to the order acceptance process including status updates or handling of returned items. Based on the defined business rules, the Pre-Dispatch Workflow monitors Website portals for orders pertaining to DDI and automatically executes the needed process to accept the order and provide status updates. The dispatch data file is automatically created in TMWSuite while the image of the website's data is placed in workflow.


Improved Efficiencies Lead to 80% Improvement in Order Entry and Completion Process
Based on SHIPS Pre-Dispatch Workflow automation, orders are automatically read, processed, posted and monitored with minimal personnel involvment. Regardless of what channel the order comes through - fax, email or Web, the opportunity for data entry errors have been eliminate ensuring more accurate orders, less data entry personnel is required to process the orders. In many cases, 100 percent of the transaction is managed through SHIPS for both the load tender acceptance and the post delivery status updates to the shipper with no personnel intervention.
Increased Revenue Opportunities
SHIPS Pre-Dispatch Workflow immediately guarded DDI from losing load opportunities that otherwise might have been missed while trying to monitor all of the faxes, emails and Web postings. Their order acceptance process now maximizes their changes for accepting good orders, processing and delivering them in a timely manner. Additionally, since more of the process is automated, DDI's personnel can now spend more time with customers identifying new business opportunities.
Improved Customer Satisfaction
Since orders are posted automatically, the information is validated ensuring a higher degree of data integrity. Not only has responsiveness improved to DDI's customers, but the orders are processed more accurately since the business rules are embedded in workflow.
Higher Levels of Driver and Employee Satisfaction
The improved timeliness and accuracy of orders has a direct impact on satisfaction levels at DDI. Dispatchers are assured that the loads assigned have been confirmed therefore they are able to spend less time verifying the orders and more time with their drivers. Drivers are happier because they feel more confident with their assigned loads. Driver turnover is at less risk as DDI strives to maintain the highest level of driver satisfaction.

DDI Transportation


DDI was being inundated with orders being received via fax, email, and shippers' web portals. Its manual process was creating a potential for revenue leaks, customer service failures, latency in posting data to its TMWsuite dispatch system, and processing orders, and risking customer, driver, and employee satisfaction.


EBE's Pre-Dispatch Workflow Solution was chosen to process all load tenders received via fax, email, or posted to shippers' Web portals. Combined with forms integration, SHIPS workflow creates an order within TMWsuite, eliminating the data entry and validation typically associated with this process. DDI's business rules dictate the processes, ensuring accuracy and timeliness of order acceptance and processing.


80% improvement in Order Processing Efficiency

Increased Revenue Opportunities

Improved Order Accuracy

Reduced Labor Costs

Greater Responsiveness to Shipper Demands

Reduced Driver Turnover Rate

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