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Farruggio's Express Success Story

SHIPS Accounts Receivable and Payable Workflow Solutions Improve Operations and Customer Service

Headquarted in Bristol, Pennsylvania, Farruggio’s Express has been servicing ramps and piers in the eastern US for 97 years. Farruggio’s continues to improve and develop the highest quality of service availabe. Their goal is simple — do it right the first time. With 14 ramps strategically located near key rails and ports, Farruggio’s provides high-quality service and regionalized expertise. Farruggio’s regional programs include Truck Load and Less Than Truck Load service, Dry Van, Flat Bed and Reefers as well as Piggyback and Container service, totaling 150 trucks. 


Farruggio’s wanted to continue its company philosophy of do it right the first time in every aspect of its business, including its billing department. They were looking for ways to streamline its manual process of copying, filing, and retrieving all of their paperwork. Farruggio’s needed a solution that would increase cash flow by decreasing the billing and accounts receivable cycle time, increase accuracy, and improve customer service and satisfaction.


When Farruggio’s made the decision to implement an imaging and workflow solution, they met with several companies, but found that most were offering software solutions that were not easy to use or maintain. Industry knowledge and focus was also an important selection criterion. After an extensive search process, Farruggio’s selected EBE because of the combination of EBE’s strong industry expertise and the compelling ROI the SHIPS software provided.

SHIPS Accounts Receivable and Payable Workflow Solutions were implemented to streamline the operation and introduce a paperless process. POD documents are scanned, indexed, and processed automatically. If exceptions occur, or documents are missing, they are sent to an exception queue and alerts are sent to the appropriate personnel to handle. Otherwise, the orders are sent to billing and invoices are automatically generated with no manual intervention. This is accomplished because of EBE’s integration capabilities into many industry-leading accounting, dispatch, and other transportation-related systems.  “EBE takes the time to understand all of our issues and makes sure the implementation and support of all of its products is thorough and complete. We couldn’t ask for a better business partner,” said Jennifer Farruggio.


SHIPS software has enabled Farruggio’s to improve its operations and its customer service. The automated process allows them to provide real-time information to its customers and back up all invoices with supporting documentation. “We couldn’t have kept up with our growth and customer’s requirements had we not implemented SHIPS,” said Jennifer Farruggio. 

Since implementing SHIPS Financial Solutions in Farruggio’s billing and accounts receivables departments, they have achieved results beyond their expectations including:

  • Reduced billing cycle time by 5 days
    • Reduced Days Sales Outstanding by 10 days
    • Improved billing accuracy
    • Increased customer satisfaction

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Faruggio's Express


Faruggio's was looking for a way to streamline the manual paperwork processes while increasing cash flow and billing accuracy, and improving customer satisfaction


SHIPS Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Workflow Solutions


Reduced billing cycle time by 5 days

Reduced Days Sales Outstanding by 10 days

Improved billing accuracy

Increased customer satisfaction

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