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John Christner Trucking Success Story

John Christner Trucking Success Story

SHIPS Video-Based Learning Management System Improves Driver Orientation – AND Driver Retention

"We wanted to quickly and efficiently manage our training content, and EBE's solution allows us to do that. Now we can easily update our content in a single, easy-to-use platform that makes our driver orientation process virtually paperless. Everyone is using their phones to get things done, and having a platform that is mobile-enabled streamlines the whole process," said Jacob Lliteras, Marketing Manager, John Christner Trucking.

Founded in 1986, John Christner Trucking (JCT) is consistently recognized as one of the best refrigerated carriers in the transportation industry. The company is headquartered in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, and services the majority of the 48 states with lane density along I-10, I-20, and I-40. Specializing in temperature-controlled freight dominated mostly by produce, protein, and juices, their fleet operates roughly 800 trucks with a driving force made up of lease purchase drivers and owner operators.


JCT needed a reliable solution that would allow drivers to complete the necessary learning modules prior to driver orientation, and would give company personnel the freedom to manage content themselves. The company's previous solution attempted to make the orientation content available to drivers remotely; however, the solution was unreliable and caused driver frustration. Additionally, any content changes needed to be submitted to the provider and took more time to be completed. This was a frustration point as the content delivered to drivers needed to be more accurate and timely.


JCT selected SHIPS Learning Management System by EBE. EBE's Web-based driver safety training solution allows carriers to create their own training program that may include both in-house and third-party content. Users are provided with a framework to embed internally-developed training videos, tests, evaluation forms, Web pages, PDFs, certificates and more. JCT chose SHIPS Learning Management System because it offered reliable remote access to its orientation program through the drivers' mobile devices. The learning management solution offered the flexibility of creating an on-site or remote training environment for drivers. Additionally, the monitoring and tracking of student, instructor, and class activity provides management with complete visibility to the entire training program. The learning management system integrates with JCT's Web-based Driver Recruiting and Onboarding solution also provided by EBE, positioning the entire end-to-end process to be completely paperless. Through workflow, drivers are automatically inserted into the personalized training program and given access to begin training prior to their arrival at their assigned driver orientation location.


Decreased Time in the Classroom Leads to Increased Profitability and Improved Driver Satisfaction

Before JCT made the switch to EBE's solution, all drivers started their learning modules once they arrived at the terminal. Through the use of SHIPS Learning Management System, nearly 50% of drivers have completed the learning modules BEFORE arriving at the driver orientation location. JCT was able to eliminate two days out of the typical driver orientation time, realizing a cost savings for each student of about $1,500 per week in drivers' travel and lodging expenses. Additionally, the company gained an extra day for driver utilization, since the drivers are available for dispatch one day earlier by shortening the time they are in the classroom. This translates to an increase in miles driven by each driver for the company, and improved satisfaction for their drivers.

In-House Content Management Creates a Relevant and Personalized Training Experience

With the ability to manage content in-house, and not rely on a third party to make changes, JCT is able to be more responsive to real-time training needs. Not only are they able to add new content quickly, but with the analytics provided on testing results, they are able to react more quickly to trends that may be identified within the content itself. Having the ability to deliver the most up-to-date information improves the training experience for trainers and drivers. The SHIPS Learning Management System is easy to initiate and administer. Each class can be executed in a variety of methods based on courseware, location, drivers, and instructors. The flexibility in designing and administering each driver safety training course makes it a personalized and effective tool for drivers and JCT. As such, JCT has seen a significant increase in driver satisfaction – and driver retention.

Ease of Scaling to Class Size

The SHIPS Learning Management System has made it easier for the company to manage training more easily regardless of class size. Large class sizes no longer take additional effort to set up, deliver, and monitor since drivers are automatically inserted into the orientation sessions directly from the SHIPS driver recruiting solution. Additionally, regardless of the size, training is delivered in a standardized and consistent method allowing drivers to progress at their own pace -- not holding up those drivers that master the content more quickly. The flexibility of the mobile-enabled platform has led to a significant time savings during the orientation period, meaning drivers are in their trucks more quickly and delivering loads sooner -- further improving the response to shipper demand, resulting in increased revenue opportunities.


JCT continues to look at EBE as a valuable partner for providing orientation and training efficiency. JCT is also incorporating the learning management system platform to manage remedial and development training for its drivers beyond the onboarding process. EBE's ability to integrate to other third-party systems positions JCT to offer the most effective training platform to its drivers from onboarding and through their entire career with JCT.

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