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J.P. Donmoyer Success Story

Ships Business Process Management Solutions Reduce the Billing Cycle, Improve Efficiency, and Improve Safety Performance

Founded in 1934, J.P. Donmoyer is a service sensitive transportation provider for truckload and dry bulk commodities throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Central and Southern United States. J.P. Donmoyer specializes in the transportation of bulk commodities utilizing pneumatic tank trailers and providing 24 hour on-time deliveries and any unyielding commitments to customer service. J.P. Donmoyer employs over 135 drivers at four terminals and a fleet of dry bulk pneumatic tanks, flats and vans. ISO 9002 Certified, J.P. Donmoyer Inc. is built upon “tradition, technology, the transportation connection.”


J.P. Donmoyer was spending 8-16 man hours per week making copies of various documents to attach to every customer invoice and then many more hours matching copies and documents to the printed invoice. Personnel manually gathered, copied, and attached every supporting document separately. J.P. Donmoyer was struggling to get their billing out the door by in a timely manner. They wanted to eliminate the manual time, improve the overall efficiency of their billing process, and have all data and documents integrate seamlessly with it's dispatch software from TMW Systems.


J.P. Donmoyer learned of EBE Technologies at a partner's user conference. J.P. Donmoyer quickly determined SHIPS enterprise business process management solution would meet its objectives and help improve efficiency. J.P. Donmoyer implemented SHIPS Accounts Receivable and Payable modules, which completely automated the billing and settlements processes and integrated tightly to J.P. Donmoyer’s dispatch system, TMW Systems. J.P. Donmoyer immediately realized the benefits of SHIPS Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable modules and implemented SHIPS vehicle maintenance to scan and retrieve safety-lane check sheets. This information is crucial for proper documentation. Now management of VIR, roadside inspections, warranties, permits and maintenance history is only a click away. J.P. Donmoyer is now assured that proper maintenance is performed and necessary documents are available on demand. “The one thing that sets EBE apart from other companies was the people factor. From the very beginning, EBE had an unwavering desire to provide personal service that became a key factor in choosing SHIPS over other systems,” says Dennis Houser, MIS Manager. 


Since J.P. Donmoyer implemented SHIPS Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable modules the results have been exceptional. “We used to struggle to have our weekly statements and invoices out the door by Tuesday afternoon and now we are finished early Monday afternoon, providing our billing department time to perform other functions,” says, Dennis Houser, MIS Manager. 
Reduced Billing Cycle and Improved Efficiency
Since all documents are scanned and automatically processed through SHIPS, J.P. Donmoyer no longer needs to have personnel manually copy and attached documents to invoices. This has reduced the billing cycle time dramatically. J.P. Donmoyer can now get their invoices out the door a day and half earlier.
Improved Safety Performance Leads to Driver and Employee Satisfaction
With the implementation of SHIPS vehicle maintenance module J.P. Donmoyer has enjoyed improved safety performance as well as improved customer satisfaction. Drivers are happy with the system because they know that as long as they get their paperwork in the system by a specific date, their settlement checks won’t get held up. And finally, employees are more satisfied because they spend their time more productively.

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J.P. Donmoyer


J.P. Donmoyer was looking for a way to streamline their billing processes and decrease the number of man hours spent repairing invoices and required documents


SHIPS Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Workflow Solution


Reduced billing cycle by 1.5 days

Improved safety performance

Increased employee satisfaction

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