Maverick Success Story

Maverick Success Story

SHIPS Fully Automated Driver Recruiting Software Solution Eliminates Paperwork, Speeds Application Processing, Reduces Overhead and Delivers Qualified Drivers.

From their corporate campus in Little Rock, AR, Maverick Transportation, LLC. operates approximately 1,600 tractors with almost 2,000 employees and provides transportation services throughout the United States, Canada and to Mexico. Whether hauling steel, building materials, flat glass or temperature controlled products, striving to be the best can be seen in everything Maverick does. Their desire to improve their driver recruitment process can be considered part of Maverick;s core values.


Finding the best drivers is always a challenge in an industry with over 500,000 trucking companies competing for labor; add to that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rules and Hours of Service regulations and the demand for drivers has increased significantly.
Maverick recognized their current, in-house system relied too much on paperwork, was very labor-intensive and required too much human intervention. Recruiters relied on multiple databases to prospect for driver recruits and manually posted openings to driver job boards to search for candidates. Once a driver employment application was received, a processor would manually acquire all background information needed for driver qualification. It was evident to Maverick that they needed an effective and efficient solution where driver recruiting and hiring speed is built in to the process.


Maverick initiated a search for a solution which would improve their driver recruiting, driver orientation and driver onboarding processes, positioning them to hire qualified drivers more quickly. After reviewing multiple software solutions, they selected EBE's SHIPS Driver Recruiting software solution for its automated workflow functionality, integration capability with its existing AS400 and RVI document imaging system, as well as its ability to support Maverick's goal of creating a completely paperless driver recruiting environment.


The implementation of SHIPS Driver Recruiting software solution exceeded Maverick's expectations. The increased productivity within its recruiting department, the speed at which recruiters had visibility and could respond to and process qualified drivers and the management reporting functionality confirmed Maverick's belief that the decision to replace their existing system with EBE's driver recruiting software was the right approach.

Automation Efficiency Simplifies the Driver Recruiting Process

The driver recruiting process can be extremely labor-intensive, time consuming and dependent upon manual operations for success. This takes away from the real job of a recruiter and processor – the review, analysis and decision to hire qualified drivers. SHIPS Driver Recruiting Software automates redundant processes so recruiters can focus on the most important aspects of their job.

  • All Maverick driver recruiting databases are unified and available to everyone in the system.
  • Driver employment applications are entered in a Maverick database and never keystroked again. The employment application becomes a record that is available to recruiters, processors, safety personnel and management.
  • Driver employment applications are scored based on a set of criteria predetermined by Maverick. No need to review every application, just the ones that meet Maverick's qualifications for the job.
  • The system is set up to automatically request CDL information, background checks, previous employment history and reference checks. SHIPS Driver Recruiting Software continuously monitors and tracks the return of the these reports, alerting processors and management if documents are not returned or if there are any "red flag" items on these reports requiring processor review.
  • All information and documents collected throughout the hiring process are automatically exported to Maverick's AS400 and RVI document imaging system when a driver is onboarded, eliminating the need for re-keying or scanning these items.
Improved Productivity Drives Down Driver Recruiting Overhead

SHIPS Driver Recruiting Software allowed recruiters to analyze applications more quickly. A scoring system identified the best candidates and rejected those that did not score high enough. No need to spend time reviewing unqualified drivers – just the ones who were the best fit for Maverick. SHIPS made it easier and more efficient to bring new drivers onboard. Driver files are automatically transferred from one department to another without printing or transferring paper. This improves the productivity of Maverick employees, as they touch less paper and can make decisions more quickly.

More Insight, More Accountability, More Opportunity for Improvement

SHIPS offers comprehensive reporting capability to Maverick. All information that is entered into SHIPS Driver Recruiting Software, as well as the complete history of all activity throughout the hiring process, is available to be reviewed through SHIPS reporting tool. Some of the reports Maverick uses to evaluate and improve its operations include recruiter and processor productivity, time from application to offer, driver orientation class lists, lead source and costs, abandoned employment applications and employment applications per business segment. Reporting on these types of activities is critical to management in order to keep a pulse on not only the department, but industry trends.

Streamlined Systems Leads to Greater Driver Satisfaction

When all the pieces work together and communications are improved, everyone in the system is more satisfied. There are solution benefits for prospective Maverick drivers, too. When a driver employment application is submitted, a driver portal is immediately made available to the applicant. The application status is updated throughout the entire hiring process. This portal demonstrates to drivers, first hand, the importance Maverick places on communicating with its drivers and making them feel like an important part of the company.

"EBE was on-site and willing to listen and implement our ideas on how to make the SHIPS Driver Recruiting Software even better. This made an important difference in the successful adoption of their solution at Maverick." - Brad Vaughn, Director of Recruiting, Maverick Transportation, LLC.

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