Maverick Learning Management System Success Story

Maverick Success Story

SHIPS Learning Management System Improves Driver Training in a 100% Paperless Orientation Environment

From their corporate campus in Little Rock, AR, Maverick Transportation, LLC operates approximately 1,600 tractors with almost 2,000 employees and provides transportation services throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Whether hauling steel, building materials, or flat glass, Maverick always strives for excellence in all they do.


Prior to implementing EBE's Learning Management System, Maverick Transportation was using a standalone computerized driver training program, which lacked flexibility, accountability and integration to its recruiting, HR and dispatch systems. It did not provide the insight the company wanted to create a more personalized and effective orientation and onboarding experience. Maverick needed a solution that would address all of their issues and allow the company to have total control of the training content, which they primarily create in-house.


Maverick had already successfully implemented EBE's SHIPS Driver Recruiting software solution, and that positive experience inspired them to turn to EBE again when they were looking to replace their driver training solution. EBE's web-based Learning Management System allows carriers to create and maintain their own training program, where users are provided with a framework to embed internally developed training videos, PowerPoint presentations, web pages, PDFs, randomized tests, surveys and more. It also offers the flexibility of including third-party or external training resources if required. Maverick chose the SHIPS LMS because it allowed their staff to easily manage and track training history, improve efficiencies in their driver onboarding and orientation process, and genuinely impact their overall safety and risk management.


Structure with Flexibility

Through the use of SHIPS Learning Management System, Maverick has been able to maintain a quality driver training program with the accountability they need to determine training success. The SHIPS LMS provides the basic structure for their program, with the freedom to adapt to changing needs and adjust the content in response to student and trainer input. The system ensures that Maverick offers a consistent program that provides all students regardless of location with a solid foundation to be successful in the organization. The system has allowed Maverick to adopt a 100% paperless onboarding and orientation process, where program managers provide pre-loaded training content in company-issued tablets — improving productivity and eliminating operational costs associated with a paper-reliant process. All of this is accomplished with a single person managing the entire program, translating to massive operational savings for the company.

Enterprise-Wide Training

Learning Management System at Maverick TransportationThe implementation of the LMS has resulted in a dramatic improvement in driver training not only during orientation but throughout the driver's tenure with the company. The system allows Maverick to provide dispatch-specific instruction as well as one-on-one training that responds to driver behavior, enabling the company to coach their drivers toward success and improve driver satisfaction. This has resulted in an 18% increase in driver retention, which has helped the company weather the current driver shortage in the industry.

In addition to driver training and orientation, the system also serves as the sole training tool for employees in all business units throughout their organization. In fact, the system is the driving force behind their safety and risk management programs. After the company began utilizing the LMS for their Securement Team's training program, Maverick saw a 24% decrease in work-related injuries — a significant difference that ensures their locations are operating as safely as possible.

Staff & Management Accountability Improves Compliance

The SHIPS system features a comprehensive dashboard that allows for complete visibility to all program activity, including an at-a-glance view of student and instructor performance. The built-in reporting features allow Maverick to hold staff and management accountable by measuring the success of the training content through pre-determined KPIs, providing full transparency to the program's effectiveness. Evaluations are used for coaching and data collection, as well as maintaining a record of training results that allows the company to mitigate risk and ensure compliance with FMCSA regulations. Maverick is able to prove that their instructors made every effort to help drivers overcome any challenges they encounter during the training program. They even develop individual Driver Action Plans to make sure their drivers are successful, which is an important facet of their improved driver retention strategy.

Strength in Growth

The SHIPS system has made it easier for the company to grow their operation in a multitude of ways. The system enables Maverick to manage a larger orientation class, and the company has doubled their student pipeline from 105 to 210 students. The use of tablets with pre-loaded training content has been a game changer for their acquisitions endeavors, streamlining a typically fraught and unorganized process into a manageable operation. EBE's system also allowed the company to operate additional business units such as its Maverick Marine Training program, which provides specialty training for drivers who haul boats and other marine vessels.

Integrated Driving School

The SHIPS system positioned Maverick to launch and execute Maverick Driver Academy (MDA). The Maverick Driving Academy facilitates six additional instructors and one program manager — a venture that would not have been possible without EBE's flexible system framework and unsurpassed content management capabilities. As a recruiting initiative for Maverick, inexperienced drivers complete the MDA entry-level training program developed on the LMS platform, and then are inserted into Maverick's finishing school through direct integration. Such personalized training has made a positive impact on their hiring practices, reducing the chance of hiring an unqualified driver and improving their drivers' satisfaction and retention.


Maverick continues to view EBE as a valuable partner in their future endeavors, with the SHIPS Learning Management System as the backbone of their driver orientation and training program.

"EBE provided us with the ability to take a one-on-one approach with our drivers and students to provide the help and tools they need to succeed." - Curt Valkovic, Director of Driver Training, Maverick Transportation, LLC.

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