Mesilla Valley Transportation Success Story

Mesilla Valley Transportation Success Story

SHIPS Automated Billing & Driver Settlements Solution Leads to Reduced Billing Cycle, Increase in Productivity

"In the months since we deployed SHIPS, we have been able to free up more than a million dollars in working capital while improving productivity," Chief Information Officer at Mesilla Valley Transportation Scott Webb said.

Mesilla Valley Transportation is a general freight, dry van, transportation provider servicing between major manufacturing areas in the United States, Canada, and Mexico borders. Founded in 1981 and based in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Mesilla Valley operates 1,400 trucks in 20 locations. The company is also recognized as one of the largest locally-owned, full-service truckload transportation providers in the southwest.


Mesilla Valley's previous billing and settlement platform was a very manual process which led to many inefficiencies. Although it was an electronic, paperless system, the process generated numerous productivity challenges, requiring a significant amount of manual intervention. Because the workflow tools were not integrated to dispatch, every single order required a manual lookup to ensure that all documents were received and accurate. Consequently, the documents were not routed or visible to the right people on a timely basis.


Mesilla Valley selected the SHIPS Automated Billing & Driver Settlement Solution. EBE's applications position carriers to improve productivity and reduce costs through "working by exception" and minimizing manual intervention to process routine transactions. MVT's decision to select EBE was based on its transportation industry expertise, application integration capabilities, and enterprise solution offerings. SHIPS automated billing and driver settlement applications provided the improved process efficiencies in a paperless, integrated, and automated workflow environment.


Reduced billing cycle by an entire day

Billers realized a 35 percent reduction in the amount of time spent processing invoices. The staff is able to finish their work in six hours rather than eight hours, allowing them to bill a full day faster than before. These process improvements stretch across the entire organization as the filing and approval of documents has become streamlined. Billers no longer need to manually check the accuracy of documents, leaving more time to prepare invoices and review identified exceptions.

SHIPS platform provides visibility to data analytics leading to reallocation of resources and cost reduction

Time to billing is one of MVT's most visible and consistently monitored key performance indicators (KPI). SHIPS SQL database platform aligns with MVT's business intelligence (BI) analytics, providing MVT with the ability to evaluate a full range of statistics on every single order. Providing access to this data and integrating it to MVT's BI analytics allows the company to make more informed operational decisions resulting in cost reductions and reallocation of resources.

Integration with mobile solution reduces time to billing and communication costs

MVT's mobile solution, a vehicle in which drivers submit paperwork from the road, is able to be integrated into SHIPS automated billing and driver settlement applications. Drivers submit trip documents directly into the SHIPS workflow and then, through their mobile device, are notified if any required documents or photos per order are missing. As a result, MVT has virtually eliminated paperwork scanning and communication costs have dramatically decreased the time from delivery to billing.


Mesilla Valley will continue to look to EBE as a valuable business consultant for insight and suggestions that will help further improve efficiency in their organization.

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