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Midwest Express Group Success Story

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Internet Data Interchange Solution, Integrated with Dispatch Software, Eliminates Redundant Data Entry into a Client’s Web Portal to Reduce Labor Costs, Decrease DSO and Improve Customer Satisfaction

Founded in 1987, Midwest Express Group began as Just-In-Time Sequencing Operations and Local Transportation / Yard Services to support a major automotive manufacturer in Ohio. Since then, they have grown to include five transportation companies, two logistics companies, and two assembly companies. They are anchored by their mission: “We, as a company must set the customer’s needs as our highest priority; this being the case, all elements of our operations, including: Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Morale will be constantly and consistently at their optimal levels. This shall not be compromised.”


As a carrier for a major automotive manufacturer, Midwest was manually re-keying 8000 redundant invoices each month into both their own as well as its customers’ TMS systems. The manual re-keying was labor intensive and led to billing errors and delayed payments. The time-consuming data entry and the tedious task of manually validating that the amount paid reflected the amount stored in the TMW dispatch system hindered their ultimate goal of extraordinary customer service.


Midwest implemented EBE’s dynamic Internet Data Interchange (IDI) application. IDI integrates with their TMW software to read the data from the TMW database, compares and validates the information against their clients’ logistics web portal, and automatically invoices for shipments if the compared information matches. If there is a discrepancy between the two, the data is sent to an exception workflow to be manually reviewed by the biller responsible for the account. 


By implementing IDI, Midwest reduced billing man hours from two FTEs to one part time employee. Midwest’s billing personnel now spend their time working only the exception transactions identified through IDI. They are able to focus their efforts on correcting discrepancies as opposed to entering routine data for each and every invoice. They are now able to process bills more quickly and send invoices 24/7. And, because of the increased speed at which the invoices are sent and the higher rate of accuracy, not only has customer satisfaction improved, but Midwest’s days sales outstanding has been reduced.

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Midwest Express Group


Midwest Express Group was looking for a way to streamline their billing processes, including re-keying 8000 redundant invoices each month


Internet Data Interchange application, integrated with TMW dispatch software


Reduced billing staff from 2 FTE to 1 PTE

Invoices sent automatically, 24/7

Reduced DSO by shorteneing billing process

Billing clerk able to focus on exception transactions only

Improved accuracy due to automatic system validation of data

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