Morehouse Success Story

Morehouse Success Story

EBE Internet Data Interchange Automatically Transfers Delivery Data in Real-Time, 24 Hours a Day, Increasing Productivity and Customer Satisfaction.

A family-owned business located in Omaha, Nebraska, W. N. Morehouse Truck Line, Inc., hauls a variety of refrigerated products including meat products and cold beverages throughout the Midwestern United States. With an average of 100 trucks, 170 trailers and over 130 employees, Morehouse provides service to companies as large as Miller Brewing Company® and Tyson Processed Meats®.


Transaction data regarding customer loads is crucial to any transportation company, and Morehouse Truck Line was no exception. That data is important to customers, too. Morehouse customers required that daily transaction be updated to their websites every day – so they could track loads, increase the visibility of each delivery and compare results to billing. To accomplish this, Morehouse required their dispatchers to hand-key data from their dispatch system into the customer website. This was time-consuming, mismatched the skills of the dispatcher and didn't always deliver the information in real time. Morehouse decided to find a way to automate the data entry process so they could provide customers with more accurate and more immediate information, and focus their dispatchers on brokering freight.


After carefully reviewing their options, Morehouse found that EBE was the only technology service provider that automated "typing" into disparate systems. This allowed Morehouse to fulfill the needs of their customers without making a capital expense for a new EDI system. EBE implemented its Internet Data Interchange (IDI) application at Morehouse, enabling them to extract and transfer data to their customers without changing their day-to-day operations. Morehouse implemented the IDI solution with Tyson Processed Meats, their largest customer, and other customers that use Lean Logistics TMS Software.


When Morehouse began using EBE IDI, the improvements were immediate. IDI takes arrival information posted through Qualcomm® in Morehouse’s Innovative® dispatch system, compares it to the scheduled delivery time and, if it is within the appropriate window, automatically posts delivery status to customer websites. The result is a reliable, hands-free, instant stream of data. Exceptions are filtered by pre-determined business rules and are given visibility through a workflow process.

Automation Efficiency Puts Accurate Information at Customers' Fingertips

IDI automates 24 hours a day/7 days a week. When a delivery is made, IDI posts to the customer's website. This means customers have the information they need, whenever they need it. Now, delivery times are automatically and instantly posted. Automated data transfer also results in greater data accuracy, as it virtually eliminates the possibility of human error.

24-Hour Data Transfer Means Loads Are Posted When They Happen

Customers never have to wait for staff to be present in the Morehouse office to find information about their loads. With all delivery information updating automatically to their websites, customers are able to get real-time information about their loads at any time of the day – whether the load is delivered at 11 at night or 11 in the morning.

Automation Increases Productivity

Before Morehouse implemented the IDI system, delivery data needed to be physically keyed in to multiple systems. Not only was this a time-consuming task, but it mismatched the skills of a dispatcher and a data entry clerk. Dispatchers were busy keystroking information and not prospecting for new loads. IDI better matches the skills of Morehouse dispatchers and has increased their productivity.

"EBE's IDI product has allowed our dispatchers to focus on the core part of their job instead of spending time on tasks that can be completed by unskilled labor," says office manager Curt Morehouse. "In our case, the computer is the unskilled labor."

IDI Improves Customer Confidence

By providing faster, more reliable data to multiple customers at once, EBE IDI allows Morehouse to provide the same service that larger competitors provide – real-time, accurate load data that is integral to the success of their customer. This improves their competitiveness and gives customers a good feeling about working with Morehouse. As well, Morehouse has a better feeling about their ability to best serve their customers because they know IDI is always working, error-free.


Morehouse plans to roll out IDI for every one of their customers who need real-time, accurate delivery data posted to their web portals automatically.

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