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SHIPS Accounts Payable Workflow Solution Streamlines Invoicing Process, Resulting in Cost Savings and Improved Productivity

"EBE's solutions allow us to manage the exception transactions versus the entire process. The Accounts Payable Workflow and PO Manager solution takes all the guesswork out of the invoicing process and offers a 'one-stop-shop' that provides all pertinent information. Whether it's our dispatch department, our managers, or our fleet department, our personnel can go into the SHIPS solution and all the information is right there in one system at a click of a button," said Chris Grzincic, IT Analyst, Nu-Way Transportation.

Nu-Way Transportation is a dedicated logistics service provider headquartered in Bloomington, Illinois. Founded in 1994, Nu-Way operates 350 power units out of over 50 terminals in the United States and hauls everything from groceries to cryogenics. The company boasts over 30 nationwide customer accounts and offers 24/7/365 dispatching, with maintenance activities completed by third-party providers. Nu-Way's 500 employees have helped the organization cultivate a culture of exceptional customer service by providing supply chain solutions as a full-service transportation partner.


Nu-Way Transportation's accounts payable department used an entirely manual process, with over 500 hand-delivered, faxed, or emailed invoices coming into their corporate office as well as their off-site locations. Invoices were not automatically matched with the corresponding customer account, leading to lost time as personnel were forced to search out that information. The inconsistent invoice formats among the 50+ terminal locations, in addition to the lack of an invoice tracking method, led to errors in invoicing as well as delays in approval and payment. The inefficient accounts payable process negatively affected Nu-Way's fleet maintenance activities, resulting in overpayment for parts and double-billing for the same repair.


Nu-Way needed a solution that would integrate with their existing systems to streamline the tracking and payment of invoices, while improving their fleet maintenance division to more efficiently provide 24/7/365 breakdown management. The organization chose EBE's SHIPS Accounts Payable Workflow and PO Manager solution, which allows their accounts payable personnel to only manage the non-standard transactions while providing accountability over the purchasing and invoice payment process. Additionally, the solution interacts with EBE's Fleet Maintenance Software Solutions to reduce operating costs through increased visibility to parts costs and operations performance.


The SHIPS solutions created a paperless system that has resulted in reduced costs and improved overall efficiency. By adopting a single solution across all terminal locations, Nu-Way was able to create a more consistent and manageable invoice process.

Streamlined Accounts Payable Process

EBE's Accounts Payable Workflow solution features automated decision support methodology which allows Nu-Way's accounts payable personnel to manage only the exceptions rather than every invoice that comes in. This has freed up countless hours of staff time. The solution automatically delivers notifications to the appropriate approver, as well, increasing operational efficiency. Automated invoicing also determines the specific account to which the invoice belongs, automatically tracking the invoice throughout the approval and payment process.

Optimized Fleet Maintenance Department

With the SHIPS Accounts Payable Workflow solution, Nu-Way has the advantage of Best Pricing Alerts, which gives the organization visibility into best-priced parts when purchasing from vendors. This positions them to make cost-effective and informed inventory replenishment decisions every time. EBE's Fleet Maintenance Software Solution allowed Nu-Way to set up specific workflow queues for vendor invoices, so double-billing is no longer an issue. They have also experienced improved cost control on fleet maintenance activities. Nu-Way's personnel receive alerts of upcoming warrantied replacements, interfacing with the PO Manager to create a zero-balance PO when replacing a warranty part. Improved visibility and automatic alerts have helped the organization get a better handle on their expenses, increasing their cost savings significantly.

Improved Productivity and Accountability

Nu-Way personnel are now able to approve invoices in a matter of seconds, no matter where they are located, thanks to mobile alerts that notify them of invoices needing approval. Accountability is improved as well, since the solution alerts the managers and supervisors if the approver has not completed the task of approving the invoice for payment within a designated time frame. Additionally, with the data provided by EBE's solution, the organization's KPIs are more easily monitored and allows personnel to make sound, data-driven business decisions.


Nu-Way continues to look to EBE for solutions that impact all departments within the organization. Since implementing the Accounts Payable Workflow solution, Nu-Way has chosen EBE for Driver Recruiting, Driver Onboarding, Learning Management, Driver Management, OCR auto indexing, and Travel & Expense management. "We would not be implementing other solutions if we did not believe in the product. We've seen the gains from implementing these solutions, and that's why we keep going back to EBE. By the time we're done with it, I don't think there will be a solution that EBE offers that we don't have," added Grzincic.

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