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Oakley Trucking Success Story

SHIPS Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Workflow Solution Leads to Reduced Billing Cycle Time & Improved Cash Flow

Oakley Trucking is a dry bulk transportation company with operations in 48 states as well as Canada and Mexico. Based in Little Rock, AR, Oakley has 507 owner operator fleet drivers and 90 employees between their 4 locations. Oakley Trucking strives for excellence by making on-time deliveries with quality equipment at a fair price.



Prior to implementing SHIPS, the billing process was slow and cumbersome. The accounts receivable department experienced lengthy billing cycles due to the time spent on the incoming document processes and sending invoices to its customers through traditional delivery methods. Oakley digitally stored the invoices after completing the billing cycle and the only way to retrieve them was searching by the invoice number. Oakley needed a way to streamline its billing process and at the same time, spend less time and energy on the manual and tedious tasks associated with the cycle. They were specifically looking for effective automation with the ability to integrate into its current transportation management system, TMWSuite. Additionally, they desired an extensible automated solution that would accommodate anticipated growth and a platform providing sound results that had the capability of streamlining other labor intensive processes such as safety and compliance, settlements and driver management.


After an extensive evaluation of workflow solutions, Oakley selected SHIPS Financial application for billing because of its flexibility and versatility to adapt to Oakley’s business needs and the stability to be a long term viable solution. Oakley implemented SHIPS Accounts Receivable module, which completely automated the billing process and integrated tightly to TMWSuite and Great Plains accounting software. Once received, the documents are indexed and then immediately entered into the workflow queue of the billing clerk responsible for that particular customer. The billing clerk is instantly notified that a load is ready to be billed and in their queue. The billing clerk then quickly accesses all of the documents associated with the order number. Once the order and documents are verified, SHIPS rendition printing capability automatically gathers all of the supporting documentation for each order and sends them along with the invoice to the shipper via fax, email, internet, or printed and mailed. 


SHIPS Accounts Receivable module has shortened Oakley’s billing process significantly. In addition to allowing them to maintain tighter control over their delivery documents and invoices, SHIPS identified bottlenecks in the billing process which were then able to be improved upon. Since implementing SHIPS, in one year’s time, Oakley added more than 100 trucks to their fleet, while decreasing its billing staff by 50%.  


The success of SHIPS Financials has motivated Oakley to implement additional workflow solutions throughout the organization which promise to drive similar efficiencies. Driver Management, Safety and Compliance and Recruiting are the next solutions to be implemented.

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Oakley Trucking


Oakley was looking for a way to streamline their billing process while spending less time and enegery on the manual and tedious tasks associated with the billing cycle


SHIPS Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Workflow solution for billing


Decreased billing staff by 50% while adding 100 trucks to the fleet

Shortened billing cycle time

Better control of delivery documents

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