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Salson Logistics Success Story

SHIPS Accounts Payable Workflows Integrate to Microsoft Dynamics GP to Speed Up Processing Time, Improve Efficiency, and Reduce Errors

Salson Logistics is a global third party logistics company providing comprehensive supply chain management solutions. Founded in 1960, it operates over 1 million square feet of warehouse space and employs more than 1000 people. Salson’s mission is to provide flexible logistics services that support the changing demands within their clients’ supply chain. It fulfills its mission through its four integrated operating companies focusing on various industry segments including, Truckload, Dedicated, LTL & Container Freight. 


With a ‘do it right the first time’ performance standard and a ‘failure is not an option’ attitude, Salson was looking for a way to improve efficiencies and reduce errors in its accounts payable processes. By integrating SHIPS workflow solution to TMW Systems, Salson had achieved significant improvements in its invoicing processes, reducing billing lead-time from eight days to one. It was confident that similar efficiencies could be gained by integrating to Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) streamlining the payables processes as well.    


Salson implemented SHIPS Accounts Payable Workflow Solution. Invoices are now scanned at any of Salson’s 13 locations with the workflow executed at its corporate office in New Jersey. Once entered into workflow, SHIPS reviews all invoices for accuracy, validating P.O. number, amount, vender code and inventory of appropriate supporting documents. If an inconsistency is detected, the documents are sent to an exception queue and the responsible processing clerk is notified. From this queue the clerk reviews all of the electronic documents associated with the P.O. At the same time, the workflow automatically triggers an event sending an email to the vendor contact notifying them of the specific exception thus reducing the processing clerk’s workload.   
EBE inserted a “view documents” icon into Dynamics GP so employees are able to retrieve and view documents from all sources, including billing documents, without leaving their Dynamics GP window. These documents are retrieved by multiple indexes including check number, company, P.O., and other reference points.
Once the inconsistency is resolved, SHIPS prints checks with an image of the scanned invoice at the bottom of the check detail so that both companies can see the association between the invoice and the payment. All data from Dynamics GP relative to the transaction is imported directly into SHIPS. This eliminates the need to file or manually track any paper, contributing to Salson’s “Green” initiative.


After implementing SHIPS, Salson was able to reduce the accounts payable effort from 16 hours a day to 4 hours. Double payments of an invoice due to data entry errors and calls from vendors with cash payment questions have been eliminated. Now, research on a transaction, either from scanned documents or imported Great Plains data, occurs instantly from the workstation. In addition, more discretion is placed involving sensitive documents as tighter security is achieved through user access rights managed by SHIPS.  


Fleet maintenance is Salson’s next targeted area for improvement. It plans to integrate SHIPS with TMT fleet maintenance software to automate the parts ordering and vehicle reporting functions along with their TMW dispatching system. SHIPS driver log management application is also slated for implementation to help monitor its logs and violation letters within the safety department.

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Salson Logistics


Salson needed a way to improve effencies and reduce errors in its AP processes


SHIPS Accounts Payable Workflow Solutions


Decreased Accounts Payable processing time from 16 hours per day to 4 hours

Eliminated duplicate payment of invoices

Eliminated vendor inquiries concerning cash application

Reduced research and retrieval time of transaciton related documents

Image enabled Microsoft Dynamics GP and TMW dispatch software

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