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Whitewood Success Story

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SHIPS Billing Workflow Solution leads to Improved Cash Flow, Reduced Labor Costs, Increased Accuracy and Improved Customer Service

Whitewood Transport is a heavy haul transporter and freight brokerage operation servicing the United States, Canada and even Alaska. Founded in 1987 and located in Billings, Montana, Whitewood Transport services engage approximately 50 owner operators to haul construction and mining equipment. Nearly half of Whitewood’s business is driven by its freight brokerage operation. In total, Whitewood delivers nearly 10,000 loads annually.


Whitewood was challenged with the management of an enormous amount of paperwork to support the billing process for both its heavy haul and freight brokerage services. Paperwork was not accessible on a timely basis to the people who needed it, additional personnel was required to support the processing and filing of orders and oftentimes it was difficult to find the required paperwork. The paper-based, manual process of moving paper from desk to desk, led to many inconsistencies including processing errors and misfiling. Whitewood uses TMWsuite and Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) for dispatch and accounting. It was imperative that any new solution implemented include integration to these systems to gain maximum efficiencies.


After a review of several providers, Whitewood determined that SHIPS Billing workflow application from EBE was the easiest to use, provided the greatest value and generated the maximum ROI for its operations. Additionally, EBE’s depth of expertise and industry reputation influenced its decision. The solution automates Whitewood’s billing processes in a completely electronic environment. Furthermore, SHIPS offered integration to TMWsuite and Microsoft Dynamics GP eliminating the risk of data entry and order processing errors.


Managed increase load volume with 20% less labor.
The implementation of SHIPS Billing solution exceeded Whitewood's expectations. In a year when Whitewood delivered one of its largest load volumes, they were able to process and bill orders with 20% less staff.
Reduced billing cycle by an entire day.
The process improvements stretch across the entire organization. Streamlining the process improved visibility to documentation by all personnel. Dispatchers no longer needed to bother the accounting clers for paperwork, leaving more time to bill loads. As a result, billing cycle time was reduced by an entire day.
Improved accuracy of data and order processing leads to greater customer satisfaction.
Billing accuracy and accountability was improved leading to greater customer satisfaction. Retrieving documentation was quick and easy. Invoicing errors have been minimized and misplaced documents were no longer an issue since all documents were available electronically.


Whitewood's goal is to eliminate all paper processes. The next step towards this objective is to implement SHIPS Account Payable workflow application.

Whitewood Transport


Whitewood's paper-based billing processes were ineffecient, required a large amount of administrative support, and left themselves exposed to numerous processing errors, including misfiled or missing documents. Additionally, they were finding a great deal of time was being spent re-keying information into their dispatch and accounting systems where the potential for more errors existed.


SHIPS Billing workflow solution was selected for its ease of use, greatest ROI, and TMW/Microsoft Dynamics GP integration capabilities


Managed increased load volume with 20% less labor

Reduced billing cycle by an entire day

Improved accuracy of data entry and order processing

Improved DSO

Greater interoffice continuity

Improved customer satisfaction

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