Bellavance Success Story

Bellavance Success Story

EBE's Mobile Capture Solution Helps Bellavance Achieve Their Process Improvement Goals

"The implementation of EBE's SHIPS Mobile solution has proven invaluable in our efforts to reduce costs and improve efficiency in our organization. The reduction in our time-to-bill metrics since we began using SHIPS Mobile has been impressive. Same-day billing no longer seems like a long-term goal but a reasonable expectation and a mark we plan to hit by year end. The support team at EBE has been great. They have been very accommodating configuring the back-end functions as our operation continues to evolve. I would absolutely recommend this tool to any organization looking for a mobile document imaging application," said Ben Wilkens, Director of IT, Bellavance Trucking.

Started in 1955, Bellavance Trucking is a family-owned and –operated business located in Barre, VT. The company's main focus is hauling granite on flatbeds from Central Vermont to locations across the U.S. and Canada, adding a dry van division in 1985 to transport furniture and paper. The company also now offers step deck, low bed, and refrigerated services for a variety of commodities, with a fleet size of 100 power units and 485 trailer units across their divisions. The company's growth and success has positioned them to continue to provide the superior customer service that has been a hallmark of Bellavance Trucking since its inception.


Bellavance was experiencing significant delays in its billing cycle time because there was no system in place for drivers to submit POD documents from the road. The company's drivers would often be on the road for 1-2 weeks before they were able to submit their trip documents, resulting in a significant time delay between delivery and billing. Bellavance needed a user-friendly solution that would reduce their time to bill, while integrating with the company's existing platforms and improving their drivers' satisfaction by streamlining the paperwork submission process.


Bellavance selected EBE's mobile capture solution, SHIPS Mobile (a mobile alternative to in-cab scanning) because of EBE's ability to integrate into Dispatch, improve the efficiencies in their billing processes, and the relative ease with which drivers could submit paperwork through the application. The addition of Connect Mobile Capture was seen as a vital part of the company's objective to continue to grow while driving down costs, provide drivers with a standard yet easy way to turn in their paperwork, and relieve the office staff of the time-consuming task of searching for missing paperwork or supporting documents and eliminating the labor associated with doc-typing and indexing each load.


Mobile Capture App Efficiencies Improve Billing Cycle by 80%

Since implementing SHIPS Mobile, Bellavance has noticed a significant improvement in the efficiency of their drivers, staff, and billing process. EBE's mobile capture app has allowed Bellavance to experience a reduction in billing time from as much as 2 weeks down to 3 days or less. What's more, Bellavance is able to process same-day payments for the outside carriers on their payroll, improving relationships with their contract workers and ensuring their continued satisfaction as well.

Enhanced Productivity Reduces Annual Expenses by $50,000

SHIPS Mobile has significantly improved Bellavance's billing and invoicing processes, making their office staff much more efficient. As a result of the mobile capture app's automation capabilities, the amount of physical paperwork handling is greatly reduced, allowing Bellavance to accomplish more with their billing staff. The company has been able to restructure its office staff, reallocating personnel to other areas in the organization. The implementation of SHIPS Mobile has also translated into a compelling impact on the company's bottom line, reducing annual department expenses by $50,000 while improving daily cashflow.

Fewer Missing Documents Leads to Drivers Getting Paid More Quickly – Improving Driver Satisfaction, Increasing Driver Retention

Thanks to EBE's SHIPS Mobile Solution, drivers are submitting their paperwork much more quickly – and getting paid more quickly, too. Initially, drivers were reluctant to handle what they considered the duties of the company's administrative staff. However, with the solution's built-in training tool and user-friendly interface, drivers began to embrace the mobile capture app as they realized how it benefitted them. Through real-time paperwork submission, the number of missing documents are reduced. Now, there is less chance the drivers' pay will be held up for missing paperwork and they get paid faster.


Bellavance Trucking continues to grow, and the continued use of SHIPS Mobile​​​​​​​ will be a strategic part of that growth. The company looks forward to doing even more with the SHIPS Mobile​​​​​​​ application, allowing them to achieve their goals of even further reduced time to bill and solidifying EBE as a true partner to Bellavance as they work together to optimize operations.

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