ContainerPort Group Success Story

SHIPS Onboarding, Safety and Compliance Solutions Lead to Improved Transportation Compliance, Increased Revenue Opportunities and Higher Driver and Employee Satisfaction

"EBE has helped us improve our transportation compliance and risk management processes to become a safer and more compliant fleet. The integrated learning management system allows us to onboard and manage drivers more efficiently while getting them on the road more quickly," said Fred Marsicano, VP of Safety & Compliance, ContainerPort Group.

ContainerPort Group, founded in 1971 and headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, is an international and domestic intermodal carrier. With 1300 Independent contractors in 23 terminal locations, CPG specializes in intermodal services including container trucking, container depot operations, rail, warehousing, and logistics east of the Rockies. As CPG continues to grow, it determined the need to improve the process management and visibility to information in the areas of onboarding, safety, risk and training.


With so many disparate systems housing all of its safety, risk, and driver training information, CPG found itself challenged to view and respond to time-sensitive, risk-related data and events. Various departments had access to limited information, but there was no way to get a complete view of fleet and driver behavior without an extensive amount of manual interaction. CPG was also looking for opportunities to upgrade their driver safety training program as well as reduce time drivers spent in the classroom in an effort to reduce expenses and maximize revenue opportunities.


Selected for its innovative automation functionality and configurable workflow management processes in a single, end-to-end solution, ContainerPort Group chose the following SHIPS safety and transportation compliance solutions:

The EBE system has become the company's system of record for all safety-related information and behavior, giving ContainerPort a leg up in maintaining a safe, productive, and satisfied fleet of drivers.


Improved Efficiencies Reduced Safety Staffing Overhead Costs by 20%, and Improved DQ File Compliance Leading to 50% Reduction in Out of Service Status Due to Expired Documents

CPG has seen improvements in the organization's processes and efficiency. By allowing its staff to work by exception, the company has reduced staffing overhead costs by 20%. The system has also streamlined communications with the company's field operations, improving efficiency not just in the office, but in the remote locations as well. As a result, fewer drivers are placed out of service waiting for expired documents to be renewed, resulting in a 50% improvement in updating expired documents.

Learning Management System Reduces Time in Classroom by 30%, and Offers Real-Time Remedial Training

With EBE's Learning Management System, CPG now provides independent contractors with access to training prior to arriving at the terminal. By reducing time in the classroom by 30%, drivers are out on the road more quickly — increasing revenue opportunities for both CPG and drivers. As an integrated solution, the learning management system is improving the response to drivers' identified at-risk behavior. Driver safety training sessions are automatically assigned based on identified behavior defined by CPG within SHIPS Driver Performance Management solution. The CPG-specific training content provides details related to training progress, challenges, and history logs of the drivers' training.

Streamlined and Improved Accuracy for Compliance Audits

Expectations of SHIPS Driver Qualification File Management Solution were exceeded when CPG engaged in a DOT compliance audit. As a result of the DOT file integrity, the retrieval process of the auditors' requested files was easy to accomplish and the files provided were complete, accurate, and compliant upon review. The combined systems and processes made possible with SHIPS Driver Qualification File Management solution demonstrated to the auditors CPG's commitment and investment to enrich its safety program which ultimately resulted in a positive review.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

The unprecedented automation and workflow capabilities within the SHIPS solution has freed the CPG safety and field office personnel to focus less on chasing down paperwork and more on their primary job functions. Safety staff are spending more time managing and identifying risk-based activities while the terminal managers are spending more time with their drivers. In addition to the improved efficiencies gained as a result of the system, overall employee satisfaction has increased across the organization, leading to higher driver retention rates and a safer fleet of drivers.

Integrations to Legacy Systems Provide for Synchronized Information

As a function of the SHIPS platform, EBE provides integrations to dispatch and other third-party systems. CPG is able to import data and documents from their applicant tracking system to SHIPS onboarding and driver management solutions. Additionally, data is able to be exported and imported between CPG's dispatch system and SHIPS. This integration minimizes or eliminates the redundancy of re-keying information into multiple systems as well as eliminates the risk of inconsistent and/or inaccurate information residing in multiple databases.


ContainerPort Group is eager to leverage even more information from third-party systems that will integrate with the SHIPS Driver Management platform. By incorporating additional outside data into the system, be it driver performance, background reports, or in-cab video technology, CPG is looking forward to extending the value of all implemented solutions.

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