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Contrans Success Story

Contrans Success Story


Contrans Corp. expedites billing process by 2 weeks

"We've reduced our monthly data charges as we optimize e-images BEFORE sending. The combination of reducing costs while not having to compromise image quality made EBE's app the clear choice." - Darren Levine, Vice President, Information Technology, Contrans Corp.

About Contrans Corp.

Contrans Corp. of Woodstock, Ontario, provides exemplary customer service with sites serving Canadian and U.S. markets. The company has grown through strategic acquisitions resulting in a broad, diversified business.

The Challenge

Before implementing EBE's mobile capture solution, Contrans used an in-cab scanning solution. The service was unreliable due to software problems and data center failures that caused frustration among drivers. It disrupted the flow of information between drivers and the Contrans dispatch center.

The Solution

Contrans selected EBE's mobile capture, a mobile alternative to in-cab scanning. The reliability, imaging capabilities, and intuitive interface appealed to Contrans. Its ability to improve document indexing and driver satisfaction were significant factors when making their choice. Additionally, the application's integration with its dispatch and other legacy systems held great appeal for future improvements.

The Future

The positive experience and driver acceptance of the EBE mobile app encouraged Contrans to evaluate EBE's other solutions, such as its seamless software integration into dispatch and legacy systems designed to improve document indexing.

"We've sped up billing by as much as two weeks for out long-haul loads, and our drivers are much happier with this new solution. Selecting EBE's mobile capture was one of the most manageable implementations we've ever done." - Darren Levine


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