Contrans Success Story

Contrans Success Story

Contrans Improves Cross-Border Operations and Billing Efficiency with EBE's Reliable Mobile Capture Solution

"EBE's mobile capture solution has been a big win for us. With EBE we reduced our monthly data charges since images are optimized and compressed BEFORE they are sent. The combination of reducing costs while not having to compromise image quality made the EBE solution the clear choice. Additionally, we have been able to speed up the billing process by as much as two weeks for our long-haul loads and our drivers are much happier with this new solution compared to our previous process. The final decision to choose SHIPS Mobile was an especially easy one when we began to work with the EBE team. They were fantastic through the entire evaluation and selection process. It was one of the easiest implementations we've ever done," said Darren Levine, Vice President Information Technology, Contrans Corp.

Since 1926, Contrans Corp. has been providing exemplary customer service in Canada and the U.S. Headquartered in Woodstock, ON, with operations strategically located in several major Canadian and U.S. markets, the company has grown through strategic acquisitions of specialized transportation companies. This practice has resulted in a broad, diversified service offering consisting of van, flatbed, waste, tank, and dump sectors of the freight transportation market. The company's over 2,000 trucks haul everything from building materials and heavy machinery to paper products, food-grade and chemical bulk products, as well as hazardous materials and waste.


Prior to implementing EBE's mobile capture solution, SHIPS Mobile, Contrans used an in-cab scanning solution whose service was unreliable due to software problems and data center failures. The failures were causing frustration among the drivers and disrupting the flow of information between the drivers and Contrans dispatch personnel.


Contrans selected SHIPS Mobile, a mobile alternative to in-cab scanning. The solution was chosen for its reliability and document imaging capabilities along with the user-intuitive interface to ensure a positive driver experience. The application's ability to improve the efficiencies in the company's document indexing processes, and its impact on driver satisfaction of the paperwork submission process were significant factors in the decision to implement the EBE solution. Additionally, the opportunity to utilize the mobile capture application's integration capabilities within the company's dispatch and other legacy systems held great appeal for future improvements.


Reduced Data Usage Fees

The mobile capture application's document imaging capabilities made EBE stand out from other scanning applications in the industry. Contrans particularly appreciated the ability to optimize and compress document images directly on the drivers' mobile devices, resulting in drastically reduced data usage compared with other solutions that compress the images on the server side. This is a significant advantage in Canada, where data roaming charges from U.S. carriers are significant and can severely impact profitability.

Process Improvement Where it Counts

Carriers that operate in both the U.S. and Canada are constantly challenged with the border crossing process and are always looking for solutions to streamline the process. With SHIPS Mobile, documentation can be processed and approved prior to the truck's arrival at the border. This eliminates the potential of incurring fines of up to $5,000 per load for not having that approval. Ultimately, EBE's application has been a huge advantage for the company's cross-border activities and has ensured that Contrans operates in compliance with U.S.-Canada border regulations.

Innovative Driver Recruiting & Retention Tool

Contrans has noticed a significant positive response from their drivers after implementing EBE's mobile capture solution. Since nearly all of the company's drivers have mobile phones, the app has been a seamless addition to their drivers' daily activities. The application's embedded video training tools have encouraged and positively impacted the adoption of the scanning technology. Drivers have embraced this solution as it has provided them the ability to capture and submit documents from their truck rather than taking the additional time to submit these documents from remote terminal or truck stop locations. Driver turnover is the biggest challenge in the industry; the convenience of EBE's mobile capture application is an important step forward in improving the satisfaction of Contrans drivers, and thus increasing driver retention.

Speed of Implementation Drove Momentum

Since implementing SHIPS Mobile in early 2018, Contrans has seen a marked improvement in their drivers' document scanning activities. The application was so easy to implement – and use – that drivers immediately noticed a reduction in the amount of time spent scanning documents.


The positive experience of the implementation and acceptance of EBE's mobile capture solution has encouraged Contrans to evaluate other productivity-enhancing solutions from EBE. Next steps are focused on the application's integration capabilities to the company's dispatch and other legacy systems to further improve the document indexing process and decrease the workload of the company's administrative staff.

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