Keller Logistics Group Success Story

 Keller Logistics Group Success Story

EBE's Mobile Capture App Helps Keller Logistics Get Paid Faster

"Since we introduced the SHIPS Mobile app, we have seen a significant change in driver behavior. The app easily allows our drivers to turn in their paperwork more quickly, which in turn makes invoicing and getting paid faster. Not only that, but our Accounting department rarely needs to search for documents or manually index them now, which has made that staff much more efficient," said Brent McDade, Continuous Improvement Manager, Keller Logistics Group.

Keller Logistics Group was incorporated in 1978 as a small trucking company in Defiance, OH. Now, in addition to their trucking backbone, they have warehousing facilities in 12 locations across the U.S., along with a co-packaging facility in Napoleon, OH. With over 125 tractors and 400 trailers, Keller prides itself on its dependability in both service and communication, with a firm commitment to being transparent, honest, and true to their customers, stakeholders, and their community.


Prior to implementing the SHIPS Mobile solution, Keller Logistics Group had no standard for getting paperwork to their Accounting department. Some drivers used scanning stations at truck stops, some drivers held onto the paperwork until they made it to the terminal, and some drivers mailed their paperwork to headquarters. These methods not only all required manual indexing into the system, but they delayed the invoicing process. In addition, a lot of time was spent searching for missing paperwork by Accounting personnel, which further delayed the billing and invoicing process.


Keller Logistics Group selected SHIPS Mobile (a mobile alternative to in-cab scanning) because of EBE's ability to improve the inefficiencies in their document indexing processes, and the relative ease with which drivers could submit paperwork through the application. The addition of SHIPS Mobile was seen as a vital part of the company's objective to continue to grow while driving down costs, provide drivers with a standard yet easy way to turn in their paperwork, and relieve the Accounting staff of the manual and time-consuming tasks of ensuring invoice accuracy.


Improved Productivity Across the Enterprise

Since implementing SHIPS Mobile in September of 2017, Keller has noticed a significant improvement in the efficiency of their drivers, staff, and billing and invoicing process as a whole. EBE's mobile capture app encourages drivers to submit trip documents as soon as possible; in fact, Keller Logistics Group has seen an increase of 32% in paperwork that is submitted within 1 week of the delivery. What's more, now that they rarely need to manually search for needed documents, Keller's Accounting department is saving 13 hours per week in lost productivity, as well as reducing 5 hours per week that was previously spent indexing paperwork.

Improved Billing Cycle Time Saves $$$

Keller has realized a reduction in lost revenue costs as well. Now that drivers are able to submit trip documents in real time with the mobile capture app, they have improved their cash flow significantly. Not only is the company being paid more quickly, but they are also able to collect on loads delivered that wasn't possible before implementing SHIPS Mobile, an estimated increase in collected revenue of $25,000.


Keller Logistics Group continues to grow at a rapid pace, and the continued use of SHIPS Mobile will be a strategic part of that growth. The application has allowed them to avoid the overhead associated with adding to their support departments, enabling Keller to grow without adding staff and solidifying EBE as a true partner to Keller as they work together to optimize operations.

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