Texas TransEastern Success Story

Texas Transeastern Success Story

SHIPS Imaging and Invoice Processing Workflow Solution Reduces Texas TransEastern's Time to Bill by 24 Hours

"EBE's document imaging and workflow solutions have revolutionized the way we do business. Our invoicing process has significantly improved and our customers appreciate having visibility and immediate access to delivery documents and invoices. EBE's support staff has been exceptional in every step of the process, and is the reason we look forward to continuing our relationship with EBE," said Zach O'Quinn, Controller, Texas TransEastern, Inc.

Founded in 1981, Texas TransEastern, an interstate petroleum products carrier with 13 locations, services Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas. Based in Pasadena, Texas, the company strives to maintain a standard of excellence with a committed team of professionals dedicated to serving their customers in the safest, most conscientious and cost-effective manner possible. As a result, Texas TransEastern was awarded the Murphy USA Carrier of the Year honor in both 2017 and 2018.


Texas TransEastern's invoicing process was extremely manual and labor-intensive and relied heavily on scanning multiple pages into a PDF, manually extracting pages by customer order, then reorganizing the documents that related to each order. This process required the company’s staff to print more than 1,000 pages per day, and then manually send hundreds of emails to its customers. This inefficient method impaired the productivity of its office staff as well as incurred extreme overhead costs including paper and printer supplies. Texas TransEastern sought a solution that would turn its manual, paper-intensive method into an automated, paperless process that would also integrate with their dispatch system, TMWSuite. 


After a thorough exploration of available options, Texas TransEastern selected SHIPS Document Imaging & Invoicing Workflow solutions with rendition print capabilities. SHIPS robust functionality combined with EBE's integration expertise and unprecedented customer support led the company to this decision. With automated decision support, rendition billing, and the integration to Texas TransEastern's dispatch system, the company is now able to manage the entire billing process by "working by exception" and manually processing only those out of standard transactions. The application automatically gathers and sorts documents by bill-to code, renders and generates the required documents for billing to then be automatically sent to its customers. With rendition printing, the processing clerks' productivity is increased through the reduction of time searching, copying, printing, faxing and emailing load- or driver-related supporting documents. And, since all documents are tied to a bill-to or driver code, SHIPS automatically gathers and merges the invoices and payments with the defined documentation. The merged documents are then sent electronically, so the printing and mailing expenses have been dramatically reduced.


Document Imaging Solution Accelerates Invoicing by 24 Hours; Increasing $200,000 in Cash Flow Per Day

After implementing the SHIPS solutions, Texas TransEastern saw an immediate improvement in their invoicing process. They have decreased the billing cycle by 1 full day, resulting in an increase in cash flow of $200,000 per day. Supported by the integration with its dispatch system, TMWsuite, the SHIPS Document Imaging and invoicing solution indexes the documents, validates and renders the images of the required documentation, then sends to billing where it is ready to be sent to the customer — all electronically and available through a customer portal. This new streamlined process has drastically reduced the invoicing delay they had experienced previously. With the ability to send invoices more quickly and accurately to its customers, the SHIPS solutions have made a positive impact on the company's cash flow, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Improved Access, Visibility, and Customer Satisfaction

With all documents stored in SHIPS, searching for and retrieving documents is now an easy process. Billing personnel and management can quickly view documents, eliminating the sometimes daunting task of manually searching through thousands of documents. The endless rows of filing cabinets has been reduced, providing for savings in that area as well. An important benefit of moving toward a paperless, automated workflow environment is recognizing the improved customer satisfaction. Customers receive more timely and accurate invoices, with the required documentation attached through a customer portal. This positive impact continues to support Texas TransEastern's commitment to excellence.

Improved Visibility and Streamlined Collections Management Process Minimizes Payment Delays

One of the unexpected benefits of implementing the SHIPS solutions was a significant improvement in the company's collections management process. With its previous manual process, office staff never knew whether or not their customers received their invoices. The collections process was inefficient, requiring office staff to search for invoices and delivery documentation in multiple locations. Customers now receive their invoices with required delivery documents attached at the same time. Fewer delays in payments occur since the invoices sent are less prone to errors.

Stability of Solution and Support Staff Keeps Operation Running Smoothly

When exploring various document imaging solutions, Texas TransEastern ranked customer support as high on their list. The company quickly discovered that EBE's support team was a step ahead of the competition. "EBE's support personnel are thoroughly knowledgeable about the solution as well as the intricacies of the integration into Texas TransEastern's dispatch system. The same EBE customer service team was with us for the complete implementation which made the process easier. They were familiar with our company, processes and personnel and were able to add value every step of the way," said Zach O'Quinn, Controller of Texas TransEastern. EBE's support personnel continue to be valuable members of the Texas TransEastern team, even after the solution's initial implementation, added O'Quinn.


Texas TransEastern continues to look at EBE as a crucial partner for providing organizational improvements. The company plans to implement EBE's Accounts Payable module and mobile capture solution, Connect Mobile Capture, to further streamline billing and driver settlement efficiencies and improve driver retention.


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