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Customer Video Testimonials

Watch and listen to our clients as they share their successes with EBE applications.  

Halvor Lines: Eliminated driver payroll disputes

Bonnie Ramsay, CIO, discusses how the Settlement Assistant helped Halvor lines reduce their end-of-month unbilled order count and improved staff productivity be reducing outbound calls to drivers asking for necessary paperwork, all while achieving a 35% growth rate.


Mesilla Valley Transportation: Reduced billing cycle by 1 day

Mark Kelley, CIO, discusses the process improvements created by the SHIPS automated billing workflow, resulting in a 40 percent reduction in the amount of time MVT billers spend processing invoices.


Admiral Merchants: Expects to grow their operation without adding staff

Listen as Mark Dooley, Risk Manager, explains how EBE's transportation risk management applications helps Admiral Merchants mitigate risk by achieving complete visibility to driver performance.


Covenant Transport: Cut one day out of orientation time, saving nearly $200,000 annually

Rob Hatchett, VP Communications and Recruiting, discusses the company's driver recruiting challenges and how EBE's Learning Management System helped Covenant streamline driver safety training content and cut orientation costs.


Nu-Way Transportation: Gained full visibility of invoices from time of index to time of payment

IT Analyst Chris Grzincic discusses Nu-Way's accounts payable challenges, and how EBE's Accounts Payable Workflow and PO Manager applications help his organization manage the process exceptions while providing consistent, paperless and automated workflow solutions.


Packard Transport: CMC speeds up billing and driver settlements process

Listen as IT Director Chris Checca outlines how EBE's Connect Mobile Capture and Driver Portal applications keep Packard Transport connected with their drivers in and out of the cab, empowering drivers and improving profitability at the same time.


Packard Logistics: Able to grow without adding staff

Chris Checca discusses how EBE's Carrier Management applications help the company automate their processes and improve regulatory compliance.


Shaw Industries: Reduced staff while improving efficiency

Transportation Safety Manager Greg Whisenant explains how EBE's industry-leading Driver Management solutions have improved Shaw's regulatory compliance while impacting the company's bottom line.


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