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EBE's educational sessions are created for the purpose of guiding your organizations toward achieving EXCEPTIONAL results.

Web Events

Our web events feature insight into industry best practices and benchmarking forums with current EBE clients showcasing solution benefits. Learn how your organization can achieve significant ROI through a work by exception process environment and business intelligence-based decision making.

SHIPS Client Webinars

Make Your Workflows Contactless with ePOD and eBOL Solutions

Wednesday, July 15 | 1:30 PM CDT

SHIPS logoTransform paperwork into a digital format from shipper to driver, without adding time or labor to the process with the SHIPS No-Touch Workflow Solution. 

Join us for this timely webinar and learn how the SHIPS Mobile No-Touch Workflow Solution places control in the hands of your drivers, supporting contact-free, paperless processing while integrating with your dispatch system. 

Solution features include: 

  • Creates electronic POD documents
  • Automatically generates E-BOL using OCR
  • Extends the value of your ELD solution
  • Integrates into OS&D claims workflows
  • Delivers real-time alerts to drivers for missing or late paperwork
  • Provides direct communications between drivers and the settlement and billing departments



Keep Safe & Compliant Through Paperless and Contactless Solutions 

Thursday, July 16 | 1:30 PM CDT

Presented by InfoStream, an EBE company

Today, it's imperative to make drivers’ well-being a top priority, while keeping a laser focus on the bottom line.

With InfoStream’s comprehensive safety and compliance solutions, you can better manage drivers’ compliance to FMCSA regulations and company policies in a contactless and paperless environment – without additional time, cost, or resources.

InfoStream’s safety management workflow-based dashboard provides a comprehensive view of driver safety practices in real time. Providing complete interoperability, our application integrates with many of your existing systems including ELD providers, telematics systems, video event recorders, roadside inspection data and training history. The aggregated data is then available through a configurable dashboard that can be used throughout your organization.

This webinar will show you how InfoStream's solutions can:

  • Control and manage onboarding, orientation and compliance processes in a paperless workflow environment.
  • Alert drivers and managers of pending expirations via contactless options.
  • Provide remote training and coaching events through web-based learning management platform.
  • Capture and retrieve roadside and DOT and compliance documents remotely through a mobile device.
  • Manage driver qualification files in digital format.
  • Complete annual safety review process with electronic documentation and workflow-based management. 
  • Share files and information electronically with dispatch, human resources and vehicle maintenance systems.



Driver Recruiting & Onboarding Solutions - NEW PLATFORM!

Tuesday, July 21 | 1:30 PM CDT

As carriers focus on the processes involved in recruiting, qualifying and onboarding applicants, oftentimes one or multiple user experiences are compromised. EBE’s new platform, ARC is a “total package” that addresses the needs of Applicants, Recruiters, and Compliance teams. It keeps a pulse on potential applicants, receives timely information from candidates, complies with regulatory guidelines and ensures the quickest timeline possible to onboard applicants.  

The ARC platform offers an easier and more streamlined implementation process through its user-intuitive interfaces, configurable AI driven workflows and integration capabilities to dispatch, HR, safety telematics and third-party partner. This ensures that your organization will reap the benefits of this solution more quickly and efficiently.
You’ll want to attend our webinar to learn more how ARC will benefit your organization. 

  • Mobile Friendly, Configurable DOT compliant Application
  • Personalized Applicant Portal
  • Reporting Center
  • On-boarding Forms and Training
  • DQ File Management



Manage Non-EDI Load Tenders with SHIPS Rate Contract Management Solution

Tuesday, Aug. 18 | 1:30 PM CDT

In today’s fast-paced transportation marketplace, many decisions about a load tender are made before an order is created in a dispatching system. These decisions may include equipment and driver availability, meeting a pick-up window, service-level agreements and special endorsements. The process becomes more complicated and labor intensive when carriers receive tenders via email, fax, internet load boards or call-ins. 

EBE’s SHIPS Rate Contract Management increases your organization’s efficiency by electronically processing load tenders presented via fax, email, load boards and call-ins. Join us for this webinar and learn about the benefits of the SHIPS Rate Contract Management including how to: 

•    Automate load status updates 
•    Reduce website data entry
•    Improve carrier relations with more timely and accurate data 
•    Improve detention claim process 



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