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EBE's educational sessions are created for the purpose of guiding your organizations toward achieving EXCEPTIONAL results.

Web Events

Our web events feature insight into industry best practices and benchmarking forums with current EBE clients showcasing solution benefits. Learn how your organization can achieve significant ROI through a work by exception process environment and business intelligence-based decision making.

SHIPS Client Webinars


Accelerate Your AP Process with Artificial Intelligence

Thursday, April 9th | 1:30 PM CDT

Accounts Payable Solution for Transportation CompaniesA manual Accounts Payable process is not only inefficient; it can cost you real dollars. An AI-based, automated AP process ensures you’re getting the most from your back office investments. Attend our web event to learn how the SHIPS Accounts Payable solution utilizes automated workflows supported by AI technology to provide seamless integration with your back office systems and streamline the AP process.

By attending this web event, you will learn how to:

  • Eliminate duplicate payments.
  • Reduce research and retrieval time.
  • Route transactions to the appropriate approver based on responsibility.
  • Ensure that all payments are subject to payment based on set business rules.
  • Generate productivity reports that allow for data-driven decision making.

Please note: Computer audio only is required for this Web Event.




SHIPS Mobile: Add Features, NOT Costs

Thursday, April 16th | 1:30 PM CDT

SHIPS Mobile Capture Solution for Transportation CompaniesWith rising insurance and operational costs, and downward pressure on rates, you need a partner that will help improve efficiency – NOT drive up your costs. SHIPS Mobile’s wide range of functionality generates an ROI that is not only easily justified by improving billing, safety and the driver experience. Attend this webinar to learn how the SHIPS Mobile application can help your organization achieve exceptional ROI:

  • Invoice within Minutes of Delivery
  • Automatically Communicate Missing Documents Alerts to Drivers
  • Provide Drivers Settlement Information through Mobile Devices
  • Communicate Document Acceptance through Billing Workflow
  • Increase Driver Satisfaction and Retention

Please note: Computer audio only is required for this Web Event.




Optimize Your Remote Workforce with EBE Workflow Solutions

Tuesday, April 21st | 1:30 PM CDT

Learning Management for Driver Orientation and Driver OnboardingIn the midst of this unprecedented "Work From Home" environment, carriers and their drivers are being challenged with providing the level of service the industry has come to expect. Companies are being forced to step back and evaluate how they can be equally as productive and service oriented.

Join us on this web event as we showcase the wide array of EBE's AI-driven workflow solutions that will help your workforce -- including back office team members, operations and drivers -- maximize productivity.




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