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EBE's educational sessions are created for the purpose of guiding your organizations toward achieving EXCEPTIONAL results.

Web Events

Our web events feature insight into industry best practices and benchmarking forums with current EBE clients showcasing solution benefits. Learn how your organization can achieve significant ROI through a work by exception process environment and business intelligence-based decision making.


Safety and Compliance: A Cost or an Investment?

Thursday, June 6th | 1:30 PM CDT

Driver Safety and ComplianceYour Safety department has a significant influence on your profitability. Carriers have made significant investments in ADAS devices, video safety event recorders, ELDs, and other telematics systems. Additional compliance data includes CSA, DVIRs, roadside inspections, and driver qualification files that must also be managed. The data from these systems results in actionable processes to manage and respond to adverse behavior. Attend this webinar to learn how to use the data from your current safety investments to prevent loss and improve profitability.

At this web event you will learn how our solutions and services will allow your organization to:

  • Gain visibility to the data from multiple safety and compliance systems in one solution to create a holistic view of the driver’s performance.
  • Take action on at-risk behavior that needs to be corrected, and reinforce positive behavior.
  • Create a consistent corrective action program based on automated workflow processes.
  • Implement a loss management system designed to mitigate further potential claims or litigation.
  • Improve your ISS rating to impact driver retention and attract new drivers.
  • Share data between Safety and Operations to improve efficiency and profitability.



Learning Management System

Leveraging a Learning Management System to Improve Safety and Retention: A Benchmarking Event

Wednesday, June 12th | 1:30 PM CDT

Learn how you can deliver a unique training experience to improve driver safety and retention. In this benchmarking forum, you will hear from an EBE client who has implemented the SHIPS Learning Management System (LMS) to transform their orientation, onboarding, and driver training practices. Curt Valkovic, Director of Driver Training at Maverick Transportation, will share how EBE's solution helped strategically position their organization to excel in their driver recruiting and retention efforts.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Maintain complete control over your onboarding and orientation training program.
  • Achieve a 100% paperless onboarding and orientation program.
  • Gain more flexibility in acquisitions and training at remote sites.
  • Manage and track training history.
  • Improve safety and mitigate risk by providing dispatch-specific instruction and assigning training based on driver behavior.
  • Measure the effectiveness of the program through KPI dashboards.




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