Farruggio's Success Story

EBE Automated Data Indexing is reducing staffing needs, increasing billing accuracy and improving cash flow and customer satisfaction.

A private, family-owned intermodal shipping company based in Bristol, Pennsylvania, Farruggio’s Express handles the movement of shipping containers, rail cars and trailers along the eastern U.S. seaboard. The company operates 30 trucks and utilizes the services of 120 owner operators from terminals in Cliffwood, New Jersey, Harrisburg and Allentown, Pennsylvania, Norfolk, Virginia and Baltimore, Maryland.
In a highly competitive business environment, Farruggio’s Express looked for means to do more with less. Their existing SHIPS solution provided immense productivity gains compared to their previous paper-based processes. However, Farruggio’s was looking for more improvements that would allow them to accommodate growth without adding staff. After a thorough analysis, two areas for potential improvement were identified. The first was where data entry was required. This happened in two phases. The first occurred during the initial document import into the SHIPS workflow system. This effort included document typing and base document indexing. The second occurred while data entry was required in their billing system to create the freight bill and driver settlement transaction. The other bottleneck slowing down the billing process was the need for each document to be reviewed manually to confirm the accuracy of the data entered and that all required supporting documents had been received.


Previous experience with EBE Technologies left Farruggio’s comfortable with its decision to deploy EBE’s Auto Indexing and Billing module.  The solution automated the process of indexing delivery data by load and by customers’ specific business rules. This data is faxed, scanned or emailed from each terminal and sent to the company’s home office. All documents are maintained in electronic form and are automatically extracted to meet the requirement necessary for indexing. Using OCR, the data is automatically indexed. This information is then imported to Farruggio’s billing and driver settlement system to create the invoice. Since the transactions that meet the standard business rules of each customer are processed automatically, Farruggio’s billing staff only needs to handle the “exception” transactions rather than the entire transaction pool. It also allows them to address the exceptions more quickly, speeding up the release of all invoices with more accuracy.

Farruggio’s has reduced the time devoted to billing from four days to ten hours per week, allowing for a smaller staff with the capability to handle a growing level of business. Equally beneficial to Farruggio’s are the improved accuracy and flexibility to meet customers’ needs, which improve the speed in which customers are paying invoices.
Auto Indexing helps reduce staffing needs
With the ability to use Auto Indexing to perform the data entry function, personnel only needs to review the characters that the Auto Indexing module identifies as not having a 100% level of confidence. This allows the data entry function to be reduced to a “work by exception” process which greatly improves productivity. Providing even more productivity gains, the module will receive and process documents 24/7, allowing documents received outside of normal business hours to be processed and placed into workflow which would otherwise have to wait for manual processing.

Billing accuracy improves cash flow
When the Auto Billing portion of the application validates the data from delivery documents and compliance with customers’ business rules, billing accuracy is improved. With a correct freight bill presented to a customer, discrepancy resolution is eliminated thus improving Days Sales Outstanding. Furthermore, since personnel do not need to tend to all transactions, those that are exceptions are handled more quickly. Thus, working by exception provides for improved cash flow because the billing cycle for all transactions is greatly reduced.
Satisfied customers are profitable customers
The best customers are always your current customers – you know and understand the requirements of their loads and are able to readily meet their needs. With improved speed and accuracy of billing, Farruggio’s was able to improve relationships with their customer base, which has led to greater satisfaction with their intermodal services.

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