Carrier Management

Rate Confirmation Management

SHIPS carrier management software includes a rate confirmation management application. Rate Confirmation documents are printed to the SHIPS application where a barcode is placed on the contract and it is exported as a fax, email, or a web form. The web form allows the carrier or owner-operator to sign the contract with a PC mouse. In addition, there is an opportunity to correspond with the 3PL to make a counter offer or other comments concerning the contract. All rate confirmations are time- and date-stamped when exported. If the carrier requires contracts to be returned by a specified time, the application will email the carrier to remind them the contract is expiring. If the contract expires or another contract is sent to the carrier, a notification is sent to the previous carrier alerting them that the contract has expired. If the contract is returned and has an expired status, it is placed in an expired workflow queue and not processed further. When a contract is returned, via fax or email, the barcode is read and the contract is placed in workflow for review and placed in a ready-for-dispatch queue. Once the order is dispatched, the order is moved into the pending delivery queue and the Shipment Pick-Up Audit form is emailed to the shipper.

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