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10/21/2014 - Media Release

Media Release 

October 21, 2014


EAST MOLINE, IL - EBE Technologies, the leading provider of enterprise Decision Support Automation applications, (DSA) for the transportation industry today, announces a strong finish for its 2014 fiscal year ending September 30th. Another record year of revenue growth was achieved as EBE realized a 36% increase in revenue over FY 2013. This represents the sixth consecutive year of growth exceeding over 20%.

A significant factor contributing to the results was the recognition by many carriers, shippers and logistics providers that EBE’s SHIPS® applications execute strategic transactions automatically, and only present out of standard transactions for manual review. By implementing EBE’s Decision Support Automation (DSA) applications, transactions are completed more quickly, accurately and with less staff throughout each department. In addition, with EBE’s comprehensive Enterprise solutions, transportation providers are able to utilize one partner across various departments eliminating “silo” solutions that lack integration when utilizing multiple suppliers within the enterprise.

EBE acquired over 80 new transportation clients as either a direct purchase from EBE or from one of EBE’s white label partners. Many of these new clients are members of the Top 100 private fleets, for hire and logistic companies. EBE’s white label partners incorporate an EBE solution into their product to create a competitive advantage. Through this process, partners eliminate development time as well as core competence learning curves to fill a functional gap in their product offerings. EBE is expanding their white label partners to include mobile communication, back-ground verification and ACORD auditing providers.

Adoption of EBE’s Cloud-based systems has increased sales significantly. These solutions provide clients with the ability to configure specific business rules within workflow while reducing implementation timeframes. .

"The success we achieved this year is a direct result of the time we spent collaborating with leading transportation providers to understand where they are experiencing operating inefficiencies impacting their profitability. Our applications at their core, improve operations, identify performance trends more quickly and improve driver acquisition and retention. The driver shortage and stagnate rates for our asset-based clients have limited top line revenue growth. Therefore, additional profit must be gained from a reduction in operating ratios. This is exactly what our applications are providing to our clients,” said Larry Kerr, President of EBE.

“Our non-asset customers, many of whom are growing their top line, need to control their raising labor cost, work with smaller fleets in a paperless process and minimize liability risk in cargo and a carrier’s safety records. Our applications have been able to help these clients exceed their goals,” adds Kerr.

EBE has launched several new applications during the past year that have contributed to its continued growth. These applications include Vehicle Maintenance, Insurance Reserve Management, PO Manager, Mobile Capture and an enhanced Learning Management System (LMS). All of these applications can be configured into new client’s existing back office systems to provide immediate operational improvement. Nearly half of EBE’s new clients during the last year utilize non- EBE document management systems that were already in place. Offering integration into a carrier’s existing document management system allows EBE’s applications to be installed more quickly, at a lower cost and without disruption to other departments or integration points.

2015 looks to be a pivotal year for EBE. Initiatives will focus on the adoption and implementation of its new applications as well as provide a concentrated effort on enhancing its existing products and reducing implementation cycles.

“Our continued growth is not possible without the support of our clients who consistently provide reference calls and site visits to our potential clients. This type of validation demonstrates our value and responsiveness to the industry in an effort to improve their operations. My personal thanks go out to our clients as well as the EBE team, for without their dedication and long hours, we would not be able to achieve our vision,” added Kerr.

About EBE Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 1973, EBE has evolved as the leading provider of Decision Support Automation (DSA) applications designed specifically for the transportation and logistics industries. EBE’s expertise in imaging and transportation specific workflow applications led to the development of its enterprise solution, SHIPS. Utilizing a unique intelligent database and eWorkforce technology, SHIPS automates labor intensive operational tasks to deliver improved operational efficiencies, reduced labor costs, unparalleled customer service and increased profitability.

SHIPS applications include back-office financials, recruiting, driver performance, CSA, safety and compliance and logistics. With its integration capabilities, SHIPS accesses information from company dispatch, accounting, mobile communication, log scanning and other transportation related applications. EBE’s blue-chip customer list includes more than 530 leading transportation companies in North America including many of the Top 100 Carriers in North America. Headquartered in East Moline, Illinois, EBE Technologies is a privately held company and has experienced consistent growth and profitability allowing it to reinvest in its people, products and integration partners. For additional information, visit or call 1-800-447-0612.

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