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Video-Based Training for Onboarding, Remedial Training, and Operations

Wednesday, March 21st | 1:30 PM CST

EBE Video-Based Learning Management System

Attend this KnowledgeSHARE Lab to learn how EBE solutions can help your organization implement video-based training for onboarding new drivers and remedial training of current drivers.
EBE's Learning Management System (LMS) offers a wide range of training applications, including:
  • Behavior/Situational-based training: respond immediately to driver behavior or unique situations
  • Operations-Based: provide training based on commodity type, shipper requirements, geographic locations, etc.
  • Driver Development: address information such as company updates and DOT regulation updates
  • General Employees: use the training platform for all company employees – not just drivers
In this lab, we will discuss the follow solution benefits:
  • Track training history.
  • Offer multiple format options, including tests, videos, activity forms/checklists, surveys, website links, PDFs, and student evaluation forms.
  • Provide training that is self-paced or instructor-led.
  • Auto-release training modules based on competency, OR require instructors to manage the training.
  • Gain visibility to student profile and history to emphasize "coaching toward success" instead of termination.
  • Manage training through multiple portals and dashboards for administrators, instructors, and driver/employee.
  • Track success with KPI Dashboards.

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Automate Your Load Tender Processing to Maximize Efficiency

Thursday, April 5th | 1:30 PM CST

Attend this online education forum to learn how EBE solutions will help you revolutionize your load tender process. By automating the processing of load tenders and rate contracts received from emails or fax, carriers can eliminate the paper pileup and streamline their order entry process, resulting in reduced operational costs and improved customer relations.

Solution Highlights:
• Automatically generate acceptance and turn down reports by shipper.
• Improve customer service by automating the load status to the shipper.
• Utilize forms recognition to create 204 EDI files and eliminate the use of paper load tenders.
• Reduce service failures through real-time status updates.

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