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Media Releases

Media Releases

9/13/2017- EBE Technologies Announces Updates to its Web-Based Recruiting Employment Application

7/13/2017- EBE Technologies Announces Enhanced Connect Mobile Capture Application with Capture Wizard

3/27/2017- EBE Technologies Announces Enhanced Risk Management System

1/19/2017- ATA Introduces EBE Technologies as Corporate Partner

11/9/2016- EBE Technologies Reports Strong Revenue Growth for Fiscal Year 2016

9/26/2016- EBE Technologies Announces Enhancement to Learning Management System

5/3/2016- EBE Technologies' User Conference, Connect 2016, to Define How to Improve Efficiency Across the Enterprise


04/13/2015 - EBE Integrates DAT Carrierwatch to Streamline Insurance Data Access

10/21/2014 - EBE Reports Strong Revenue Growth for FY2014

09/22/2014 - EBE Unveils Integrated Mobile Capture Solution

6/30/2014 - EBE Technologies Partners with TrueNorth Companies to Create "OverDrive"

05/06/2014 - EBE Ends Second Quarter FY2014 with Strong Sales and New Product Releases

01/28/2014 - EBE Ends First Quarter FY2014 with Unprecedented Record Results

10/29/2013 - EBE Finishes 40th Year in Business with Increased Revenue Results

04/03/2013 - EBE Develops Fast Track Configuration Wizard

02/26/2013 - EBE Issued Patent for Qualification Processes

10/23/2012 - EBE & Driver iQ Announce Integration Partnership

10/17/2012 - EBE Marks 40 Year Milestone with Record Revenues

07/11/2012 - EBE to Host Management Conference: "Efficiency Summit 2012" - Chicago

04/11/2012 - EBE Completes Fiscal 2012 Q2 with Record Results

01/12/2012 - EBE adds Applicant Relationship Management System (ARMS) to SHIPS Recruiting Solution

10/18/2011 - EBE Technologies Reports Increased Revenue Growth for Fiscal Year 2011

04/07/2011 - EBE Introduces CSA Carrierboard to Compare and Manage Multiple Carriers

03/14/2011 - PeopleNet’s New Real-Time Paperless Driver/Vehicle Management Workflows Automate Performance Monitoring, Violation Management, Vehicle Inspection Reporting and CSA Compliance

11/17/2010 - EBE Releases SHIPS Version 5.0 for Financial and Logistics Applications

07/13/2010 - ATA Announces Endorsement of EBE's CSA 2010 Dashboard
07/08/2010 - EBE Adds Fraud Detection to SHIPS Logistics Workflow Solutions
06/16/2010 - Workflows, Trend Analysis and Total Point Visibility Added to New Version of EBE's CSA 2010 Dashboard 

04/27/2010 - ALK & EBE Team Up for Total Toll Control 

03/23/2010 - HUB International to Resell EBE's CSA 2010 DashBoard Solution 

01/21/2010 - CSA 2010 Added to SHIPS Driver Management Solution 

08/11/2009 - EBE  Develops Comprehensive Carrier Qualification and Safety Solution 

08/06/2009 - EBE Technologies to Host Virtual User Conference "eConnect 2009" November 10-11 

06/02/2009 - EBE Interface to Lean Logistics Web Portal Reduces Lost Detention Revenues 

04/17/2009 - EBE Featured in TMW Systems' T3 -Page 10 

03/26/2009 - EBE Technologies Enhanced Diaster Recovery Server Adds Workflows to Provide Complete Backup 

03/09/2009 - Transportation Veteran, Jim Beam, Joins EBE as Senior Account Manager 

01/20/2009 - Maverick Transporation Selects EBE Technologies Integrated Recruiting Solution 

12/03/2008 - EBE Decouples Workflow Applications From Imaging Software 

10/20/2008 - EBE Creates Interface to ITI's Pro-TREAD Online Computer Based Training Tools 

10/06/2008 - TMW and EBE Team Up to Offer New Business Automation Capabilities 

09/04/2008 - ATA Chief Economist, Bob Costello, Delivers Keynote at EBE's First User Conference 

04/07/2008 - EBE to Host "Connect 2008" User Conference 

02/02/2008 - EBE Announces Internet Data Interchange 

12/10/2007 - Cindy Nelson Named Sr. Director of Marketing and Business Development 

10/22/2007 - EBE Unveils Integrated Suite of Driver Centric Solutions 

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