6-16-10 Carrier Percentiles, Trend Analysis and Total Point Visibility Added to New Version of EBE's CSA 2010 Dashboard


June 16, 2010
Additional Tools Automate the Identification and Correction of At Risk Behavior


EAST MOLINE, IL -- EBE Technologies, the leading provider of document & content management, workflow and business process automation solutions for the transportation industry, has added new workflow capabilities to its comprehensive web-based CSA 2010 carrier and driver dashboard.  The CSA 2010 dashboard, which was launched earlier this year, now includes carrier percentiles along with a depth of automated workflow possibilities to identify and correct poor driver behavior and reward positive activities in real time. Trending charts and visibility to total points vs. “CSA 2010 “capped points” have also been added to provide more focused attention to patterned and at risk behavior.
The solution, which monitors and retrieves carrier and driver related inspection information from FMCSA’s Compass portal daily, uses that data to trigger alerts to management and execute automated tasks and activities based on the measured behavior. The new version of the dashboard now provides visibility to carrier percentile rankings based on the carrier’s peer group within the industry. Through the collection of publicly available information of all inspection and crash history data, EBE is able to calculate a measure then generate a percentile for all carriers within each peer group per BASIC category. “This percentile is a very close representation of the FMCSA generated percentiles,” said Cindy Nelson, EBE’s VP of Marketing and Business Development. “While we will not guarantee 100% alignment with the FMCSA percentile, we are confident the results will provide carriers with the insight to manage their fleets aggressively.”
The workflow options available, triggered by BASIC percentile ranking, inspections, violations or frequency of incidents, include assigning training, executing warning letters, scheduling driver management reviews or even suspending or terminating drivers. All of the assigned tasks are then monitored and tracked until the driver and or manager has completed the required activities to meet the safety standards and business rules defined by the company.
“EBE’s CSA 2010 dashboard is for carriers who are seeking a management tool, not simply a scorecard posting scores and percentiles. A carrier’s score is reflective of the collective results of its individual drivers. If you can identify and correct at risk behavior before it becomes a pattern or causes a serious safety incident, then the carriers score should be reflective of that,” stated Nelson.  “The challenge for carriers is that there is so much data to review, it is an overwhelming burden on safety management to identify and react to isolated and patterned behavior in a timely manner. With automated workflow solutions in place, personnel will spend their energy and attention on “exception” behavior without spending hours sifting through all of the data and reports.” 
Through integration to carrier dispatch systems and driver files, posted inspections that cannot be correlated to an identified driver within the carrier’s fleet are also addressed through workflow. These inspections are placed in an “unmatched driver” workflow queue to be reviewed and can either be assigned a driver ID manually or contested to DataQ. Automated submissions to DataQ for contested inspections and the tracking of the responses are all incorporated into workflow. 
The core functionality of EBE’s CSA 2010 Dashboard offers carriers daily downloads of posted inspection data along with the flexibility of reviewing carrier and driver scores and percentiles based on the carrier’s specific organizational hierarchy. Search capabilities by company type, operating unit, division, region, or manager are all configured for each carrier. User defined thresholds, by percentiles or points, determine the level of visibility given to specific BASIC category behavior and email alerts can be sent to managers when a behavior threshold is crossed. Notifications can also be automated to alert safety personnel when new inspections are posted.  
The new trending charts added to the core solution allow carriers to begin to identify patterns of their drivers as well as the company. These patterns can also trigger workflow events to manage the identified behavior in a more proactive manner. The trending analysis allows carriers to view trends for both the carrier and the driver by percentile, measure, CSA 2010 points or total points by month, quarter and year within a defined timeframe. “As more data is imported into the system, the trending will provide more insight to carrier scores and driver behavior,” stated Nelson.
Total points, or “stacked” points which they are sometimes referred to as, have also been added to the new version of the dashboard. CSA 2010 methodology places a cap on severity points per BASIC category within a single inspection report. Carriers can now choose to view either the total violation points or CSA 2010 points for a more thorough analysis of the driver. “This functionality has been added based on the feedback we’ve received from the carriers using the solution. Carriers believe if they manage the total points vs the CSA 2010 points it will provide even more insight to driver behavior and trends,” added Nelson.
The CSA 2010 dashboard complements EBE’s suite of driver management solutions. The scores and percentiles serve as additional information carriers are able to use to evaluate drivers’ overall behavior and contribution to a company as well as to serve as a basis for apply workflow.  
EBE’s driver management applications addresses the complete driver lifecycle. From creating a paperless, workflow-based recruiting environment and managing driver qualification file compliance to automating the annual safety review process and tracking all aspects of driver performance, the system provides significant cost saving benefits including reduced labor, filing and storage costs and improved driver and customer satisfaction.  The configurability of SHIPS workflow software offers carriers’ the advantages of both a third party proven solution and a custom designed system tailored to a carriers’ unique business rules.
About EBE Technologies
Founded in 1973, EBE is the leading provider of integrated document and content management, workflow and business process automation solutions designed specifically for the trucking industry.  The development of EBE's enterprise solution, SHIPS, evolved from EBE's expertise in imaging and transportation specific workflow applications. Utilizing an intelligent database and autoflow technology, SHIPS automates labor intensive operational tasks to deliver improved operational efficiencies, unparalleled customer service and increased profitability.  SHIPS modules include financials, logistics, recruiting, safety and compliance and driver performance. With its integration capabilities, SHIPS accesses information from company dispatch, accounting, mobile communication, log scanning and other transportation related applications.   EBE's blue-chip customer list includes more than 350 leading transportation companies in North America.  Headquartered in East Moline, Illinois, EBE Technologies is a privately held company and has experienced consistent growth and profitability allowing it to reinvest in its people, products and integration partners. For additional information, visit or call

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