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8-17-2010 - Media Release

August 17, 2010


EBE ADDS PSP Integration to CSA 2010 Dashboard and Recruiting Software


Integration Provides Ability to Generate CSA 2010 Driver Applicant Scorecard to Further Qualify Drivers 


East Moline, IL - EBE, the leading provider of business process management solutions for the transportation industry, announces the ability to integrate data provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)'s Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) from EBE's SHIPS Recruiting Software and CSA 2010 Dashboard.  Both applications automatically request and receive the PSP data and calculate equivalent CSA 2010 Driver Safety Measurement System (DSMS) BASIC scores for purposes of qualifying drivers and measuring them against their current fleet.  The new PSP modules will be available in late August.
The PSP interface will reside within SHIPS Recruiting software as well as an add-on module to EBE's CSA 2010 Dashboard.  With both solutions, the request for information will be automatically generated through the respective applications.  The returned information will then be scored and displayed in the applicable solution.
The new PSP program launched in April, 2010 allows commercial motor carrier companies to electronically access driver inspection and crash records as a part of the hiring process.  PSP is populated by FMCSA's Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS) which is comprised of roadside inspection and compliance reviews, enforcement data, state-reported crashes, and motor carrier census data.  The program is designed to offer carriers more insight to driver history for the purpose of making more informed hiring decisions that ultimately affect a carrier's safety record and accident costs.
From within SHIPS recruiting solution, the PSP integration module automatically executes a workflow task requesting applicant information. When the reports are returned, the data is interpreted by the CSA 2010 calculation software.  Once the applicant's BASIC measures are determined, the driver is ranked and compared to existing drivers within the company's fleet.   The crash and inspection data can also be saved as an electronic report and stored in the applicants driver file or exported to a carrier's TMS system for further analysis.  
As an add on module to the CSA 2010 Dashboard, the carrier may request the PSP information from within the dashboard and view the reported data in the same way it is displayed for employed or terminated drivers.  A unique driver scorecard will be generated displaying each of the BASIC measures and compare them to the fleet average.
The PSP interface eliminates the need for carriers to manually key in requested information to the PSP website and monitor it for the return of information.  Both the recruiting software and the dashboard automatically notify the carrier when the reported information is returned and populates the appropriate screens with the applicant scorecard.
"The integration of the PSP data with SHIPS driver recruiting and new CSA 2010 dashboard provides carriers with the ability to rate potential drivers the same way they rate current drivers.  Screening out potential problems to avoid costly hiring mistakes is one of the most proactive initiatives carriers can perform to ensure a safer fleet  and protect their CSA 2010 carrier ranking," said Cindy Nelson, EBE's Vice President, Marketing and Business Development.  The PSP integration module, not only increases the speed at which carriers have access to the information, but provides the visibility and insight  necessary to hire qualified drivers more quickly," adds Nelson.

EBE's integrated workflow and process management solutions streamline the flow of work, eliminating the labor intensive operational tasks. Known collectively by the brand name SHIPS, these applications streamline processes across multiple departments within a trucking company while freely transmitting data and documents among them. 

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