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11-17-2010 - Media Release


Media Release
November 17, 2010



New Technology Platform and User Interface Adds Greater Flexibility & Functionality

East Moline, IL - EBE Technologies announces the release of SHIPS Version 5.0 for its financial and logistics applications.  The applications join EBE Driver Services applications in running in both a 32 and 64 bit operating systems environment and Microsoft.Net application framework. 

In addition to providing a single platform to the SHIPS enterprise suite, the new version is based on an Inter-Tier architecture which allows users to utilize EBE's workflow, content management and transportation applications through any device that provides access through an Internet or TCP/IP connection.  Access to specific applications and content is controlled through Microsoft's active directories or EBE's security authentication.

This design allows EBE to configure its solutions to be used in a cloud or within a client's data center through simple configurations.  The new SHIPS 5.0 client utilizes plug-in applications that give the user the capability to access multiple SHIPS applications from a single interface based on security.  The client also contains an automatic update feature that synchronizes the client and web user interfaces minimizing system administration functions.

Extensive functionality has also been added to the SHIPS workflow builder.  Workflows can now be built through drag and drop icons to trigger events to accounting and dispatch systems based on workflow packet content as front end interface functions rather than backend scripting.

"We have leveraged the combination of our last twenty two years of experience as a workflow process solution provider with the collaborative relationships we maintain with our clients to create an enterprise solution that will drive down cost, improve accuracy and minimize administration efforts.  Given that the 5.0 solution was developed using the latest Microsoft technology, our clients' investment is protected for an extended period of time," stated Larry Kerr, president of EBE.  

All of EBE's existing workflow applications will run on the new 5.0 version.  SHIPS 5.0 Beta is currently installed at several clients with the full release scheduled for January, 2011.

About EBE Technologies, Inc. 

Founded in 1973, EBE is the leading provider of integrated document and content management, workflow and business process automation solutions designed specifically for the transportation and logistics industry.  The development of EBE's enterprise solution, SHIPS, evolved from EBE's expertise in imaging and transportation specific workflow applications. Utilizing a unique intelligent database and autoflow technology, SHIPS automates labor intensive operational tasks to deliver improved operational efficiencies, reduced labor costs, unparalleled customer service and increased profitability.  SHIPS modules include financials, logistics, recruiting, safety and compliance and driver performance management.  SHIPS integration capabilities provide for access to information from company dispatch, accounting, mobile communication, log scanning and other transportation related applications. EBE's blue-chip customer list includes more than 400 leading transportation and logistics companies in North America.  Headquartered in East Moline, Illinois, EBE Technologies is a privately held company and has experienced consistent growth and profitability allowing it to reinvest in its people, products and integration partners.  For additional information, visit or call 1-800-447-0612.


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