Recruiting & Retention

Background Verification

Background Reports

During background verification SHIPS generates requests for MVRs, CDLIS, Criminal reports and any other reports required by the carrier to evaluate the applicant.  Through direct integration to third-party background report service providers such as HireRight, Driver iQ, DriverFacts and Asurint, the system automatically reads and interprets the data on the reports, searching for keywords that would potentially disqualify the driver as well as compares that information to what the driver provided during the application process.  Based on the results, the reports are color coded and processors are notified of their return.  Images of the reports are logged in to the Document archive and are available for viewing. 

Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP)

PSP reports are requested through integration with NIC. Once again, the data from the reports is reviewed and measured against the carrier’s business rules. Keywords or criteria such as number of jobs, accidents or violations may be used to qualify the applicant. Additionally, if the carrier is using EBE’s CSA Dashboard to monitor its drivers’ BASIC percentiles, the system can generate a “pseudo” CSA applicant scorecard comparing his performance to the company’s drivers.

Employment Verifications

Employment verification forms are automatically faxed, emailed or sent via mail to carriers based on the references provided by the applicant.  A carrier database is maintained and used as the reference to determine the preferred contact method to deliver the forms.  A bar-coded form is generated and sent to the carrier with the information from the driver pre-populated on the form as well as his signature which was captured during the application process.  When the form is faxed back, the system reads the barcode to check the document in and route it to the appropriate processor for review. The system will automatically send second and third requests to carriers that have not returned the forms by the defined time.


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