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Employment Application

Web-Based Employment Application

EBE offers both a full application meeting all of the certified DOT requirements or a shortened Mobile application, allowing drivers to provide the minimum information and electronic signatures for immediate processing. Carriers can implement one or both of the applications based on its preferences and needs.

Full Application

SHIPS Web-based application provides the means for drivers to submit their background information, work history, licenses, accidents and any additional items necessary to initially qualify the applicant. Throughout the application process the data is validated for accuracy. To speed up the process of requesting background reports and employment verifications, an internet digital signature capability is built into the application so that drivers can authorize the release of background information upon submission. If a driver does not have availability to the internet, the SHIPS recruiting software provides options to process faxed, emailed or printed applications.

Drivers are immediately provided with feedback from the initial submission of the application as to whether they were approved for processing or do not meet the minimum company requirements. Through a web portal, the driver has the ability to view the status of their application throughout the qualification and hiring process. In addition to eliminating many of the phone calls in the recruiting department, the portal immediately establishes a direct communication link between your company and the driver.

Mobile Application

The mobile app is a browser-based application designed to be accessed on most smartphone and tablet devices.  Prior to submitting the application, the applicant can review and electonically sign the company’s information release forms.  Both the application and signed release forms will be submitted to the SHIPS recruiting software and will be identified as a mobile application in a separate queue.

The application collects required infomation to initially qualify the applicant and begin requesting background reports. Primary contact information, licenses and endorsements, accidents and violations and work history, along with the applicants signature (with finger or stylus) are among the requirements captured in order to submit the mobile application..


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