Recruiting & Retention

Recruiting & Retention

Hire Qualified Drivers More Quickly While Driving Down Costs

SHIPS truck driver recruiting software solutions standardize and automate the repetitive activities within your recruiting department to position your company for the greatest degree of success in hiring qualified drivers more quickly and efficiently. The importance of qualifying drivers to your company specifications while adhering to regulatory policy and EEO practices is critical in your efforts. With SHIPS Recruiting workflow, your company is assured of executing a consistent process to assess and on-board every single applicant. Once the driver has accepted an offer, a driver file is created and all of the information and documents obtained during the hiring process is then exported to your enterprise systems for driver management. There is no need for re-keying or scanning of this information saving countless hours of data entry and redundancies associated with printing, scanning and copying documents.
Using a carrier’s specific business rules and processes, SHIPS driver recruitment management system addresses each of the major hiring and qualification steps taken by recruiting and safety departments.  

Solution Highlights:

  • Find and Qualify Drivers More Quickly
  • Increase Recruiter Productivity
  • Improve EEO Compliance
  • Track History & Ensure Standards are Followed
  • Increase Driver Satisfaction and Retention
  • Reduce Processing and Turnover Costs 

To learn more about EBE's Driver LifeCycle solutions and how they have helped our customers, view our Customer Success Stories page.


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