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Advantages of an Open Mobile Platform

Open Mobile PlatformWith so much focus on technology to support driver recruiting and retention efforts, it's natural for carriers to explore investments that provide the most value throughout the organization. Look no further than the Fleet Communications platform and its move from the traditional tethered solutions to untethered solutions.

Prepare Your Organization for Automated Billing

Automated Billing WorkflowIn any industry, having the ability to bill more quickly and accurately is crucial for success. An automated billing system can help, and your transportation organization can take steps immediately to achieve that goal. Read on for some steps you could take now to reap the benefits of a more streamlined billing process.

On-Premise or Cloud-Based Mobile Capture: It's Really About the ROI

Fleet Mobility on the cloud

It's clear that mobile capture solutions provide tremendous value to transportation and logistics companies. Not only can truck drivers use their mobile device to communicate, navigate, and log hours, but they can also use them for mobile document and photo capture.

Don't Be Consumed By Your Data

Mobile Capture TechnologyAs the industry transitions to much more open platforms and drivers are afforded more functionality and greater communication on their smart devices, data consumption takes center stage. Aligned with this, there are some important industry trends that compound the data demands placed on carriers of all sizes.

The Benefits of Electronic Delivery Receipts Are a Win-Win

Mobile capture with electronic delivery receiptIn today's world it's all about the driver. Not only do you need to attract more drivers, you need to retain them. And sometimes the latter can be as simple as making their jobs easier. More and more carriers are taking advantage of the high percentage of drivers who have a smartphone or a tablet.

Mobile Capture: A Solution for Every Business

Mobile Capture solution for every transportation organizationAs mobile continues to headline the technology mainstage, carriers of all kinds are looking to make this relatively new technology an integral part of their business strategy. The right mobile solution can offer significant advantages to companies that strategically deploy them. When executed, the advantages touch the entire enterprise:

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