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How to Utilize AI-Supported Technology Throughout the Enterprise

AI Content Management SystemTransportation companies are characterized by the large amount of documents and data they generate, and the management of this data has consistently been a pain point in their operations. Many organizations have turned to software solutions that manage the influx of documents and data electronically, in the form of a content management solution.

Are You Getting the Most out of Your SHIPS Solution?

SHIPS Workflow SolutionsIf you’re already an EBE client, you know that SHIPS solutions help your organization improve efficiencies and save on operational costs. But did you know that EBE also has modules you can add on to your current SHIPS solution that will further improve your operation and extend your technology investment?

Seven Benefits of Implementing a Learning Management System

Learning Management SystemTraining is an essential part of maintaining regulatory compliance and driver satisfaction. How do you ensure your driver training program is successful? A Learning Management System (LMS) is one way to accomplish that, but you may be wondering whether it's necessary. Read on to learn some of the benefits of adopting an LMS in your organization.

Consider On-Demand Onboarding to Optimize Driver Orientation

Learning Management for Driver Orientation and Driver OnboardingCarriers often miss opportunities to hire well-qualified driver applicants for a variety of reasons, including an orientation itinerary that is incompatible with the applicant's schedule, or an orientation process that takes too long and results in too many days until the driver "gets in the truck."

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