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Transportation Industry White Papers and eBooks

Artificial Intelligence White Paper

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Content Management

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and systems interoperability has had a tremendous impact in the back office. This white paper explores how AI can be used to make data-related decisions in back-office systems to positively impact a transportation provider’s bottom line.

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Learning Management System eBook

Learning Management Systems: More Than a Training Tool

A Learning Management System (LMS) positively impacts driver onboarding, safety, and your bottom line. This comprehensive eBook explores various orientation approaches and content types, the impact of an integrated solution, factors to consider when evaluating an LMS and more.

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Safety Whitepaper

Safety: The Cornerstone of Your Company Culture

Operating a safe fleet is not the sole responsibility of the Safety Department. The value of safety should be woven throughout the culture of every organization. But how do you accomplish this mission? In this white paper we explore historical trends, current processes, best practices, and the use of technology to support a safety-based culture.

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Mobile Applications: A strategy that benefits the driver, customer, and the carrier

Mobile Applications: A strategy that benefits the driver, customer, and the carrier

The adoption of mobile capture management applications is proliferating across all segments of the transportation industry. In this white paper, we look at the features of a successful mobile capture strategy, the key considerations when evaluating a mobile capture solution, and the benefits that carriers can observe by using mobile solutions throughout the enterprise.

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Driver Retention Whitepaper

Retention Begins When the Driver Applies

As many in the industry know, driver retention has historically been an issue -- with no clear solution. Recent trends have compounded the problem. In this white paper, we explore the best practices for driver retention, beginning with the driver's first interaction with the organization.

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